Episode 12 – Finland

Show Notes

Halo Manash – Spring Solar Semen [Am Kha Astrie CD]
Arktau Eos –  Silver River [Mirrorion CD]
Grunt – Unforgiven Sin [Seer Of Decay CD]
Bizarre Uproar – Untitled [Purification CD]
Beherit – Salomon’s Gate [Drawing Down The Moon CD]
Archgoat – Black Crusade [Whore Of Bethlehem CD]
Nest – Kotonio [Trail Of The Unwary CD]
Zoät-Aon – Bestial Waves [The Triplex Bestial CD]
Sick Seed – Praise The Children (Autopsy cover) [Guilty Pleasures cassette]
Halthan – The Execution [Manifestations On The Road To Death Vol. 1 CDr]
Ride For Revenge – Disturbed By Spiritual Tormenters [The King Of Snakes CD]
Horna – Wikinger [Sanojesi Äärelle CD]
Clandestine Blaze – Psychopathia Sexualis [Deliverers Of Faith CD]
Strom.ec – Blood Of The Process [The Manual Of Diagnosis CD]
Cataplus – Metsän Väki [Tuohiparta CD]
Orvo – Iconon [Revisted CD]

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