Sewer Goddess

The woman behind the goddess blesses Plague Haus with an audience.

Greetings, Kristen. For starters, when did you begin Sewer Goddess and where is your base of operations? And I’ve heard different things about who the project consists of, so please set me straight on the members.

Sewer Goddess began in 2005 as an outlet for aural abuse through the disheartened remnants of mental solidity. Our base of operation(s) is located in and around Boston, Massachusetts. The project currently consists of various members alongside myself, most notably Jay B. of Witch Tomb and Mark F. of PanzerBastard.

Is the name a reference to the goddess Cloacina from Roman mythology?

Nope. It’s a reference to the dichotomy between filth and beauty.

As of this writing, what releases do you have?

Two self-released demos, a 3’ on Silken Tofu, a C15 on Negate, and a collaboration with Sharpwaist on Razors and Medicine. All OOP.

How did the collaboration with Sharpwaist come about?

I first heard Sharpwaist via the Internet and was very intrigued, not only because he is a Boston based noise monger, but an exceedingly interesting person with an intoxicating dead-end attitude. So short after my introduction to the material I met Carl at a local bar where he was performing and from there our creative relationship progressed.

Most label SG Death Industrial. Does that label work for you?

Yes and no. It depends on the material you are referring to. The first demo “Dirt Behind The Daydream” is too experimental to be given such a narrow label. This EP established a wider take on what was to come sonically. Whereas the second demo “Dejection Veil” is indeed death industrial – heavy, rhythmic, and atmospheric. There’s case-by-case attitude taken when recording each release. It all depends on the development and thematic mood.

What made you decide to create in this particular genre of music?

As stated above, there isn’t a particular genre that I exclusively choose to disseminate. The reason why I chose to operate in the field of electronics is because of the wide range of possibilities.

Cold Pleasure coverYou did a great cover of “Give Me A Corpse” on the Cold Pleasure tape, so obviously Atrax Morgue was an influence. Any other projects you’d consider influential?

Grey Wolves and Brighter Death Now come to mind first, but I guess that’s pretty obvious…? As for non-DI/PE related influences, early Swans, Mordor (from Switzerland), and early Manes (the 2nd demo, “Ned I Stillheten” in particular) all have their place in helping influence this shitstorm of a project.

Although I believe your output stands on its own merits, being a female in a male dominated scene makes you something of an enigma. Has there been any positive or negative reactions or has it even been an issue?

I personally look at having a vagina as being somewhat of a predictable power and strive to keep myself away from being lumped into gimmicky gender related notions while still keeping my sexuality intact. I have received both positive and negative reactions, all of which have been entertaining.

Creation is usually cathartic to the artist, and since this type of music obviously comes from a “dark place”, do you see Sewer Goddess as an exorcism of those inner demons or a reflection of your life…or both?

The attitude I express though Sewer Goddess is carried out personally everyday; this is a reflection, and while my beliefs are satanic in nature, I do not consider them inner demons.

Is there a particular state of mind you have to be in to work? Is there any cool preparations like ritual magick, narcotics, excessive alcohol consumption, small animal torture or just whenever the mood takes you? I had an artist tell me once ‘the evening news’ got the creative juices flowing.

Our rehearsal space is a run-down drug den in the city; just being there is enough to get me in the mood.

Are you involved much with the artwork etc of your releases or do you leave it up to the label? There’s a lot of great artwork on your myspace page and in various spots associated with SG. Do you have a hand in those?

Eris Sadisticum coverYes, I am involved with a lot of the artwork you see on my gayspace, however, I am not opposed to letting a label step in when capable. Wim from Silken Tofu did a great job on “Eris Sadisticum”.

What’s your typical set-up like or does it vary? Are you much of a gearwhore or do you work with a minimal amount of equipment?

The typical (recording) set-up includes a mixture of equipment i.e. synths, pedals, guitars, a loop machine, a drum kit, contact mics, a mixer, a 4-track, etc. I’m not too much of a gearwhore because I think you can over do it and lose focus, but I do like to incorporate new pieces of equipment (and people) every once in awhile to keep things ‘fresh’.

Are you involved in any projects outside of Sewer Goddess?

I recently contributed vocals on a track for John Gelso’s new project Royal Arch Blasphemy. Which can be heard here:

This was an interesting endeavor and extreme pleasure.

Do you produce anything outside of music? Painting, writing, etc?

Whatever I create (writings/artwork/etc), I create for Sewer Goddess.

Do you get the opportunity to play live very often?

Every once in awhile a decent opportunity will rear its ugly head. Not too often though.

Any past shows worth mentioning?

Yes. Thanks to Andy from Ichorous.

119 GALLERY in Lowell, Dec 2007 –Great turn out and good times in the heart of the best post-industrial city in Massachusetts.

Any releases of note you’ve been spinning? Genre need not be a factor. I know you’re somewhat of a metalhead as well.

liveHa! I’m listening to the new Deathspell Omega “Chaining The Katechon” as I reply to this. But really, I’ve been obsessed with Einleitungszeit “Die Menschzerstörung” lately.

What’s on the horizon for Sewer Goddess? Any new releases upcoming?

There are various recordings in the works right now, but when/if they surface is uncertain at this time.

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions. The closing comments are yours!

You’re very welcome, and I’d also like to thank you for your dedication and support.

For any further inquiries please feel free to contact me directly at imperiadead[at]

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