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Greetings Krag! I know you’re a busy man, so thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions.
First of all, let me see if I’m missing anything:
Guitarist for Bahimiron
Bass/Vocals for Fireborn Disciple
The Deadite – all
Hellshock Trinity – all
Is there anything I’m missing and when do you fucking sleep?

Hey man, no problem…I always have time for a few questions….even if it takes me forever to respond.But your run down is on the money purty much..Grimlord has givin me a hand on the “Hell Shock Trinity” thing..But I’m not to sure if he plans on being a full member.
Sleep?…..hell man…I don’t…between four projects, work, drinkin, poppin pillz and washing my dirty ass…..I ain’t got much time for that thing you call sleep.

Can you give me a brief run down about each project you’re involved with and any current news for each?

—Welp, Bahimiron just got signed to Moribund records for our 2nd LP…so we have been in the writing and recording process…I have wrote 99% of the music that will be on this puppy…10 songs will make it if we are lucky, 9 at best.
It’s gonna be the same old horrible chaos you have come to expect from Bahimiron…But with a lot more emotion and a lot more pain will be put into the song and lyric structure.
I poured everything I could into constructing songs we would all love…I mean, we really only do this for ourselves anyway…we could give to shits and a fuck about those forest squatters preying to some stupid evil lord of darkness with a axe or sword in hand…HAHAHAHA…give me a break!!!!!!
But anyway….we also have a split coming out sometime this year on good old GSR…with who?…what bands?..Hell I ain’t got a clue….but the tracks kill and I cant wait for people to hear them.

Fireborn Disciple:
—–Man, I tell ya…we have been working on this for fuckin forever and its just now starting to come together.
Fireborn morphed from me and Grim old band “Black Boned angel”..
For a while we were playing old BBA songs, but it just didn’t sound right…didn’t have the right feeling anymore…the old members were gone and it felt like a new band…so we got ourselves and new drummer…some crazy long haired tattooed fella who used to play with “Kathonic”…and is currently active in “Unchrist”..Mr.Chris Tritapoe or however you spell it. I started writing new stuff a little over a year ago..Heavy, southern rock & roll/doom/metal…so the birth of a bastard was formed….Doom & roll. we are in the studio right now putting a demo together…its been slow going but should be done soon enough.
We are playing around Hellston T.X. so watch for us to burn it down.

The Deadite:
—-Ah, now The Deadite!
This started as an idea I had about…well shit!…almost two years ago, to do a dark country/acoustic/goth thing.
It didn’t really become anything until me and my ex-wife split up …then it was like BAM!!!
All kinds of shit was floating around in my head. I really couldn’t have these emotions realized in my other bands…so I started doing home recordings. I wrote 9 songs, 7 are on the demo…the other 2 are just a little bit to personal.
The Demo has been done for awhile now….and I haven’t pushed it very much..but I would love to find distro for it.
I’m in the process of writing the second installment…an e.p. most likely and I might be doing a split with this fella named “Gunwitch”…this guy is awesome and I would love to see this happen.

Hellshock Trinity:
—-This sucker has been mulling around in my head for awhile…where it goes and how it will end up?…fuck man I’m not sure… its far down on the totem poll of things to get done.

Is there any one particular project that you’ve been focusing on, or do you try to spend equal time on them all?

Well, of course Bahimiron is top priority, but with half the members in Arizona…its kind of hard to set your sites just on it.
Fireborn would be the bread and butter and my creative thanksgiving table right now.
Practice, playing, writing new songs and trying them out…that has my motor running right now.
Deadite is cool cause I can do that whenever I feel like it….same with Hell shock.

Are there any that are more near and dear to your heart…or all of them just different aspects of the Deacon?

They are definitely all different aspects of the Deacon man… doubt about it brother.
I mean, maybe its not all KVLT, evil or rawkin. But I love doing all these projects.
I get so sick of people trying to stuff people in little molds…It makes me sick!
I like to create…if people like it then cool…if they don’t…then alrighty with me… oh well.
I do what I want when I want and would never be afraid Of telling someone about it…

Tell me a bit about your influences…whether it’s music, film or literature.

Oh man, I draw off of everything you just listed. Like if I’m righting some lyrics or some such thing and I get stuck…I’ll grab some Greek mythology book or Clive Barkers books of blood… watch a movie….hell…listen to music…But usually I never listen to the same genre that I might be trying to write for…it will corrupt your sound to much.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw most of it from life…deep down in that pit where you hold everything in..that place where all that shit that’s been dumped on ya gathers..where your own mistake’s churn and burn ya from the inside.
Love, loss, happiness…all these things can hurt you….make you feel like can all be sad. I have my heroes…we all do..musicly of course…You can draw on them…that feeling of putting that c.d. you heard 20 years ago that made you say FUCK YEAH!!!!
I can really feel that!

Personally, I think growing up in the southern US has a definite impact on who we are and how we see things. Do you agree or disagree? Do you think it plays a part on how you create your music?

Hell yeah son!
Whiskey, shotguns, fishin and cow tippin…the whole 9 yards.
It is saturated in your core no matter what.
I see so many bands trying so hard to emulate other bands from Europe…Why?…be who you are!…people will respect you more….sometimes at least.
Being southern plays a big part on who I am and how I write…I might not own a horse and a pickup…But I am a Texan.

One thing I’ve always questioned about underground music, and especially Black Metal, is if you hold an extreme hatred for all of mankind, why bother trying to get your music heard? Why not record music for yourself and then maybe set it on fire? Do you consider yourself a misanthrope?

I guess most of the black metal scene would like to believe they are a misanthropic son of a bitch….or want to be at least…but come on man!
But yeah, that’s a good point you bring up man.
My guess would be that its just another way of bucking the system..Telling others you wont go with the same grain as them….misanthropy shocks people …as does satanism.
But when you really get down to the nitty gritty…we all go with someone’s flow no matter what scene you say you belong to….I might be committing a crime here but I have noticed that Black Metal can be very clickish…in the way your supposed to sound…in the way your supposed to act…it kind of sucks to me.
I cant stand most people in general….so I guess I’m a misanthropic poser too…heh?

Are you political at all or could you give a shit? Do you pay attention to current world events?

I pay a lot of attention to current events. But at this moment I do not feel that it should be in ANY of my music…I’m not a hippie.

What about personal philosophies or religious beliefs? Do you adhere to any? Is “Deacon” an office you hold in the Church of Satan? First Baptist? Mormon or maybe a kvlt like them fellers that removed their nads and then off’d themselves in their Nikes when Hale-Bopp came flying by?

I have my own cult….its called the church of Krag…or C.O.K.
Soon I will walk door to door and ask people to join my C.O.K…
I’m making it up as I go of course..I’m a humanist, nihilist, mystic..with some Crowley, televangelism….and Whamo!!!!…$$$$$$$$$…I figure if L. Ron Hubbard can do it….so can I.

What do you think about the current myspace phenomenon? Do you think this a great way for bands to get exposed or a cheap way for shit music that should never be heard to be thrust upon our abused earholes? Don’t get me wrong, I change with the times…the tape trading days are RIP, but sometimes it seems a line should be drawn.

Well to answer that question I would have to say both…I have heard some shitty music and some really good stuff that I would have never known was out there if it wasn’t for myspace.
I have found old friends and made me some new ones. But its just like everything else….you gotta wade through shit to get to the gold.
Hell…if it wasn’t for myspace my crap would never be heard so I cant complain.

And the ever popular, what’s in Krag’s CD player/Ipod/Close N Play at the moment?

Damn man….I don’t own an I-pod…don’t know what a close N play is, But I’ve been listening a lot to the new My Dying Bride, Satyricon, Nashville Pussy, Supersuckers, Monster Magnet..the new Type O Negative….and of course good old Lucifuge.

Alright, mi amigo, the closing words are yours. Thanks again for taking the time.

Well, thanks for taking the time to put this together and good luck on the new webzine. and budding video direction carrier…”Hint, hint”.
Also, I would like to thank everyone who supports the underground in all shapes and forms.
Whiskey, Fire and pillz to all you muthas!

The Deacon

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