Aleph-Naught: Rituals

Aleph-Naught: RitualsSelf Released: 2008
Format: 3” CDr

Aleph-Naught is a somewhat clandestine one man project out of Honduras. This five track offering was released by the artist himself, and shows great attention to aesthetic details as well as the music within. Previous releases have appeared on Bone Structure (Belgium) and Invisible Eye (Italy). There’s also a forthcoming tape from Phage Tapes in the US.

The disc begins with “Death Ritual”, an ominous synth piece that sounds like it was recorded outside of distant cathedral. The slightly lo-fi quality only adds to the dismal feel. “Piety” continues the dread. The droning pipe organ sounds envelope you in clouds of mist. The next track, “Insects And Rats”, is more liturgical and purposeful. It reminds me a bit of Ixithra’s work as Profane Grace. “The Womb Of Opposites” and “Death Ritual” are both great cinematic pieces that would be at home on any Gothic horror film. They slide effortlessly from one into the other.

The disc is beautifully packaged in a 4 panel digicard w/sticker, folded into a hand-made black envelope and sealed with red wax. I always appreciate the time and determination it takes to assemble releases like this, but the most elegant of containers can’t conceal a shitty output. Luckily this isn’t the case, the disc inside is a great dark ambient offering.

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