Aleph-Naught : The Dreams In The Witch-House

Aleph-Naught : The Dreams In The Witch-HouseSmall Doses : 2009
Format : 3” CDr

I’d previously been impressed with this Honduran Dark Ambient project with his self-released 3” last year entitled “Rituals”. Failing to fall into the sophomore slump, I believe this one is just as good if not better. Dark or Ritual Ambient is such a tough genre to stay fresh in and honestly, one I’ve my least favorite to review because most of the time I just want to sleep. “Dreams” at the very least kept me entertained…. and awake.

This 3” disc contains five tracks of dark, cinematic drones. The strains of mournful sound pulled from some ancient instrument, a bowed thing from a long forgotten Aztecian civilization. They twist and moan, making the cones of my speaker vibrate in a not at all unpleasant way.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself soaring over rocky coastlands, dipping and turning. Riding the currents, losing control and tumbling towards the earth only to regain that forward momentum. Ok, enough with the high school poetics, you get the drift. It’s nice, with those long passages of movie soundtrack ambience. There are really only two audible tones I pick up on, the melodic high and the underlying drone. It would be nice to hear something a bit more ominous and threatening added to the mix occasionally, just for a bit more depth. He approaches something similar on the brief outro, but for those alone in the dark listening pleasures, this will do the job.

This white CDr comes housed in a vinyl sheath with beautiful artwork courtesy of Anthony Mangicapra of Hoor-paar-Kraat. Limited to 66 copies.

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