Cold Cave : The Trees Grew Emotions And Died

Cold Cave - The Trees Grew Emotions And DiedDais Records: 2008
Format: 12” EP

I picked this one up on a whim for a couple of reasons. One, because sandwiched between the punk, thrash and industrial records of my youth, one of my secret sins was a (sometimes) love for the dancier Euro synth-pop bands of the time: OMD, early Depeche Mode, pre “Don’t You Want Me, Baby” Human League, etc. I’m man enough to admit it. Secondly, my previous Dais purchases have been top-notch, Whip and the Body, Cult of Youth and the Awen LP I can’t wait to get my hands on.

So I pulled this out and giggled at the full-frontal nudity on the back, because at heart, I’m a 13 year old boy. So I slapped it on not really knowing what to expect. The room was filled with the analogue synth strains of “The Trees Grew Emotions And Died”. The drum machine throb and catchy female/male duel vocals interjected with the warbled guitar riffs is quirky and cool, but I wasn’t sure if maybe if the Cavers weren’t taking the piss.

As I slid into Side B, I decided I really didn’t care. I could tell you “Our Tears Help The Flowers Grow” was an unreleased OMD track and you’d believe me. It would easily have fit into “Organisation”. The second B-side track is slightly more dark than the previous two. Still bouncy and danceable, but the echoing vocals and low-end synth gives it a slightly ominous feel.

There’s no information on the LP itself and I couldn’t come up with anything on his female partner, but a quick net search came up with the credit going to Wesley Eisold, vocalist for hardcore punkers American Nightmare (Give Up The Ghost) and Some Girls as well as running Heartworm Press publishing company. Cold Cave is about as far as you can get from hardcore, but definitely worth checking out. Maybe the jokes not on me.

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