Procer Veneficus : Ghostvoices

coverGod Is Myth: 2006
Format: CD

It was tough to categorize Procer Veneficus. If any music fell into the slot “acoustic black metal”, this would be it. A perfect mixture of suicidal BM attitude with the beauty of the best Dark Ambient textures without a bit of percussion in sight. PV consists of one highly prolific individual, Night. Since 2004 “Ghostvoices” is one of 8 releases. This guy doesn’t fuck around when it comes to putting it to the tape. But….having a lot of material doesn’t necessarily make one talented. I can’t speak for the rest, I haven’t heard them yet (soon to be remedied), but this CD is top-notch.

Open and airy, creepy acoustic melodies strummed over low, ominous synth and barely whispered vocals. That about describes it. Each track is journey through a fog enshrouded mountain side dripping with nocturnal dew. The heart quickens not knowing what might lie beyond the next grove of trees. Yea, yea…I know how fucking cheesy that sounds but that’s the way it is and that’s exactly how it sounds. Rumor has it the entire album was recorded by Night alone beside a mountain lake. If it’s possible to convey a physical place through audio, he’s succeeded with me, anyway. The disc includes an amazing cover of Velvet Cacoon’s “P.S. Nautical”.

Procer Veneficus is a welcomed addition to my growing ambient collection. There are times when you need the blast, and times when you need to be a bit more introspective. “Ghostvoices” is perfect for those journeys. God is Myth continues to prove they don’t need to follow the status quo of what’s kvlt or not. Another quality release from them.

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