Rasalhague : Theories Behind Chaos

Rasalhague : Theories Behind ChaosSelf-released : 2009
Format : 3” CDr

Named for the brightest star in constellation Ophiuchus, Rasalhague comes from an Arabic phrase translated as “the Head of the Serpent Collector”. With that said you can guess you’re in for a dose of some esoteric Dark Ambient from…Indiana. Why not?

Steering clear of more organic atmospheres, Rasalhague has embraced technology with open arms, performing instead that droning sizzle and hum only produced with the aid of computers. Now that’s not necessarily a bad thing, there are artists that make a career creating sounds with nothing more than a laptop and the latest software. There are labels that exist to release nothing but these types of releases. This one, for instance, would find a perfect home among the Cyclic Law stable. That was the first thing that came to my mind with the first few listens, icy cold layers of synthetic pulse and dark chasms of Cthulhic hum. This is good for what it is, the only problem is it doesn’t really offer anything to distinguish itself from a hundred other projects doing the same thing. It’s not bad, just not all that original.

The plain white CDr comes housed in a nice little poly snapcase with a pro-printed cover and insert. The graphics on these are pretty incredible for a self-released disc. Hand numbered and limited to 111. You can contact the artist directly for a copy and samples are available on his myspace page.


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