Victimizer : Resurrected Abominations

Victimizer : Resurrected AbominationsHell’s Headbangers : 2009
Format : CD

Retro-Thrash seems to be in right now. Seems like there’s no end to bands who take the tried and tested recipe of vintage 80’s Thrash, soup it up with perhaps a bit of Death or Black Metal, and hey presto, you’ve got yourself yet another retro-Thrash group to go bananas over. Nothing wrong with that in principle, but few are the bands of this ilk that have managed to excite me in any degree worth mentioning. Victimizers’ Resurrected Abominations-mini manages to do this; classic Thrash with more than passing nods to Death Metal, razor-sharp, heavy and powerful sound, great guitar work and good vocals add up to a platter that might not be high on the originality-meter, but more than compensates for this with quality. On the other hand, whilst Victimizer certainly aren’t the most original of bands, their style is not a carbon copy of any one band, scene or era, but instead picking the best of each era and style of Thrash, liberally lacing it with the aforementioned Death Metal-elements. This results in a nice package.

So, in conclusion, with Resurrected Abominations, Victimizer offer a concise package of tightly packed, lethally good deathly Thrash Metal, and certainly outdo many of the more high-profile retro-Thrash bands out there today.

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