Ajattara: Kalmanto

coverSpikefarm Records : 2007
Format: CD

Ajattara have basically released two albums: the first album four times, and their fifth album. That’s right. The first four albums showed a band incapable of renewing themselves from album to album, instead resorting in doing the same thing over and over again with just minor aesthetic differences from album to album, each album being more tedious, shallow and ever more uninteresting than the previous.

So as you can guess, it wasn’t with exactly high hopes I put in their fifth album, “Kalmanto”, into my CD player. And perhaps you can imagine my surprise when the album turned out to be both pretty good and quite different from the previous albums. OK, sure, this is obviously Ajattara, and anyone who’s listened to their previous albums will instantly recognize the Black Metal-influenced, guitar-driven dark Metal and the shrieking vocals of Pasi Koskinen. New elements are heavy, downtuned and even somewhat Nu Metallic riffs, which, as incredible as it sounds (I mean, I used the words “Nu” and “Metal” together, usually a synonym for utter shit), sounds good! It’s no match for the debut, “Itse”, and far from the morbidly perverse atmosphere of it, but “Kalmanto” is a thoroughly enjoyable piece of Metal. For the first time in years, Ajattara manage to sound fresh and show that they do indeed have more than one trick up their sleeve.

Now, lets’ hope they won’t release this album four times as well.

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