Blaspherian : Allegiance to the Will of Damnation

coverBlood Harvest: 2007
Format: 12” Vinyl EP

Formed in 2004, Blaspherian is the brain child of legendary Houston metal god Wes (Infernal) Weaver, the man behind such famed Texas acts as Imprecation and Infernal Dominion. Blaspherian continues this crusade of unholy Death Metal.

Expect no useless technical guitar wankery, gurgled vocals or 10×4 to a rubber tire blastbeats that seems to be the current standard of DM. No cartoonish babbling about rolling around in the guts of dead hookers, this is Pure Satanic Negativity.

Being a fan of the previous two demos, I was in awe of the beefed up sound of the album. Wes’ fleshed out guitar sounds killer with the heavy chug of Lord Ogden on bass and Matt Mayhem from Crusher on skins. Vocals are straight old school thorax-rippers courtesy of Desekrator…who, by the way, did the amazingly killer artwork for the release. The man’s skills are second to none. He’d more than give Chris Moyen a run for his money.

So if you’ve grown tired of the Chihuahua like nipping of contemporary gore/grind/sewer/death bands and long for the Panzer tank crunch of early Immolation, Incantation…hell, even Morbid Angel then Blaspherian is the injection you’ve been waiting for.

Spread the Plague...