Insect Warfare : World Extermination

World Extermination625 Thrashcore/Regurgitated Semen Records: 2007
Format: CD/LP

I listen to a lot of different styles of music, but probably like most people I’ve always had a “best of” as far as genres went. When I want some punk rock, I reach for the Misfits, Black Metal = Darkthrone, Power Electronics = Genocide Organ, Country = Johnny Cash, etc, etc. When I was in the mood for Grind, that spot was usually reserved for Napalm Death.

But I think the kings have been unseated.

Now it would be easy to write this off as regional prejudice since the band hails from my adopted home town. The vocalist Rahi even works at one of my favorite local record shops. But the fact is this album just KILLS. Noisy intros and furnace blasts of skin blistering percussion, thrashy guitar shreds and the alternating screech n’ croak vocal carnage.

IW definitely does their own thing, but the old school inflections run deep. I hate the gurgle gore shit a lot of recent bands do. No dead prostitutes, nothing but demonic annihilation here. And I have to mention the insane album cover by Daniel Shaw, who’s also the vocalist for Death Metal assassins Blaspherian. The Grim Reaper with his arms extended over the Houston skyline. It’s so good I had to track down the hard-to-find vinyl version just so I’d have a larger version.

If you’re into grind at all, this is a must own. Fuck, even if you like aggressive music of any kind. You won’t be disappointed.

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