Kilte/Funeral Mourning: Emission Through Self Infliction

Emission Through Self InflictionChoirs Of Delusion : 2007
Format: Cassette

Originally released by GoatowaRex as a split CD, this deluxe tape edition from Choirs Of Delusion is a insanely well done.

Kicking things off on Side A are Belgium’s Kilte. This is depressive, suicidal black metal the way it’s meant to be played, melodic guitars, raging bass and drums… but with just the right touch of harshness in the vocals. Think Abyssic Hate at his lowest, wrist-slitting best.

Next up is the one-man Aussie (blackened) funeral doom project Funeral Mourning. I’m not a huge fan of single soul metal projects preferring the band dynamic in most instances, but having enjoyed FM’s “Drown In Solitude” a couple of years back I was looking forward to hearing something new. I was not disappointed. For my money this is some of the best BM-tinged funeral doom around. People wet themselves over Nortt, who I personally don’t care for at all, when this is miles.

This is an excellent pairing of bands, one Black Metal with hints of doom and the flipside of the coin. I’m not sure if it’s still available, but if you can locate the deluxe version it’s definitely worth the extra cash: a black leathery type slipcase for the tape and buttons from each band. Nice first release from CoD.

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