D.B.P.I.T. / Xxena : Alien SymbiosisDeserted Factory : 2008
Format : CDr

From Rome to my postal box came this one recently. It’s one of those discs you don’t know quite what to make of because it doesn’t fit comfortable into any category. “Experimental” is such a generalized term, but for lack of a better one, here we go. D.B.P.I.T., which stands for Der Bekannte Post-Industrielle Trompeter, is the project of Flavio Rivabella, and his partner is this crime is Xxena, a painter and visual artist who delves into audio for the first time.

The album is a strange concoction of trumpets (being DBPIT’s weapon of choice), bits of conversation and various objects from both artists’ environments. These field recordings were dumped into an old laptop and bent, twisted and rearranged into what indeed could pass for sounds from an interstellar species. Clicks of a keyboard, banging on pots and pans or the flush of a toilet gets filtered, bent and layered into something barely recognizable. For a first time effort in creating “Noise”, these two did a surprisingly brilliant job. I know ‘laptop’ will immediately turn a few people off, but it doesn’t really sound like computer generated noise at all. The basis of the compositions coming from organic sources sees to that.

The disc has four tracks total and a 42 minute run time, but the first two, Alien Symbosis and Out Of Body Experience were the strongest and most enjoyable to me. While still sounding other-worldly, they were the more acoustic and earthy of the four which I think is the projects stronger points. There are enough ‘harsh’ noise makers out there to get lost in the crowd.  Limited to 100 copies with violet print artwork in clear shell.

Websites: myspace.com/dbpit myspace.com/xxena_