Sangraal : Unearthly Night

coverGoatowaRex – 2006
Format: CD

Originally released on cassette by Swedish kvlt label Satanic Propaganda, I’m almost ashamed to say that Sangraal is a band that initially slipped by me. Being a project from the prolific D (Vrolok, Sick, Black Funeral, etc.) and on this release joined by Lurker (Toil. Mord, etc.), I would thought I’d heard of it before now. I failed….but I’m guessing that many of you might have been as oblivious as I.

‘Unearthly Night’ contains that sick, alcohol-fueled black metal that seems to have vanished in recent years. Mostly short blasts of vaguely controlled satanic chaos, but also doomish slabs of old school death. Equal parts classic Darkthrone buzz, punk-laden Sarcófago thrash and the slap of ambient Abruptum weirdness.

Every track is like a Christmas present from the Dark Lord himself. You can shake the box, but you’ll never guess what’s inside. There are no rules. Anything goes. It won’t be a pair of socks, though…fuck that. Buzzsaw guitar noise becomes a weeping 6 string, break-neck drums become haunting funeral organ and blistering fast becomes mid-paced becomes dirge.

This one almost got away, and that would have been a crime. This is one of those albums that the more you listen, the more you love it.


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