Spearhead : Deathless Steel Command

coverTour De Garde – 2006
Format: cassette

Thrashing Black Metal with an image and lyrics themed around war… now that’s something you’ve never heard of before, right? Yeah, so nothing original is to be expected here. And sadly, not a whole lot of else, either. Spearhead have some good ideas and riffs, but pretty much everything is ruined by one thing. The guitars are so silent that they constantly drown under the vocals and drums, taking away all impact and power from them, thus stripping the whole tape from most of its power. Sort of like a musical castration, really: you have something that is quite okay, but one simple thing fucks it all up.

And, to tell the truth, Spearhead need to improve quite a bit before they become “good”. They have potential, but Deathless Steel Command just doesn’t cut it. The good ideas and the Thrashing headbanging parts are too few and separated by moments of dullness. The songs don’t work as wholes, although individual parts can be quite enjoyable. So in conclusion, yet another demo to drown in the already endless pile of okay demos that for one reason or another just don’t hit the mark.

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