Type O Negative : Dead Again

coverSteamhammer – 2007
Format: CD

The first reviews hailed this as the drab four’s best album since Bloody Kisses and a return to the HC-influenced older days of the band. And they’re true… halfway. There are moments when you really feel like that, that they’ve gone back to their earlier days and made a both faster and more captivating album than everything they’ve done in like the last decade has been. And then you get hit with a slow, dragging and oh so fucking boring section, and you’re forced to make a U-turn and re-think your opinion. And then comes along a really good sounding section and you’re nodding your head in agreement, “yeah, this is fucking good”. And another boring section, and you go “what the fuck? This is their worst stuff ever”. And so on. You get the picture.

This is unmistakably Type O Negative. Only they could make an album as confusing as this. It’s not just their sound and image that is unique, they are probably the only band in the world who make albums that at the same time are great and suck really bad. I mean, apart from the two first full-lengths (and the “live” album Origin Of The Feces) every single album has at least 1/3 boring fillers and is at least 20 minutes too long. And ever so often even the good songs have been dragged out with a tedious bit or two. I’m sure these guys do it on purpose. And this album is more like this than any before.

So, well… what to say? It sounds like you know Type O Negative will sound. If you’re not a fan, you’d better spend your money on something else. If you’re a casual listener, you might find this worthwhile or then not. If you’re a fan, you’ll buy it whether you like it that much or not because… well, because it doesn’t really matter if Type O Negative releases a bad or a good album, because there’s something weird about them all that makes you want to own them all.

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