Wilt : The Damnation Helix…Zeitgeist Movement Vol.2

WiltAnnihilvs: 2006
Format: CD

Beautiful waves of warm sound enshrined in terror invoking wings of static noise. Noise, experimental…whatever you want to call it, these releases are hard to review. Most are complete shit, a big “wow, look how cool and underground I am” jack-off.

Wilt are giants in a field of dwarves. Using guitars, keys, loops and who knows what else, they manage to create a sonic sculpture that fuses the organic with the machine with Borg-like precision.

The yin and yang of the compositions is insane…soundtrack ambient drones accompanied by nose-bleed inducing sub-harmonic rumblings.

Take the track “Scarecrow” as a for instance. One minute I’m afloat on gentle strains of ambient keyboards only to have my world fucking shattered with a gun shot bolt of sound that literally made me come out of my chair. I threw up a little.

Such is the ride with Wilt. I am new to their world but have begun my backwards descent into their discography. This disc is amazing and I’m looking forward to hearing more.


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