Bizarre Uproar

Plague Haus gets cyber with the purveyor of fine Finnish filth, Pasi Markkula.

Oi Pasi! As it’s obvious from multiple reviews, ass kissing, fanboy rants and a direct link from your paypal account to mine, an upfront thanks for taking the time to answer some questions. What is happening at Filth & Violence Kommand Central at the moment?

Thanks to you. My pleasure to answer. I am narcissist & whore I enjoy attention. Also people like you keep this filth going on. Appreciated!

F&V stronghold is now making covers for 2 upcoming tapes Dachau Grammophon & Bizarre Uproar “mother pt.2”. Right now I am also preparing for late Dec. Helsinki live event w/BU.

You began recording as Noisecore project Aunt Mary, correct? When did you make the switch from Aunt Mary to Bizarre Uproar and what was the difference in approach?

I am not very good to get along w/band mates. Democracy in creative action is no no no. There is no way you can get proper result if there is a 5 different opinions. No time for voting. There has to be one leader who has vision. One dictator. AM started late 80`s and demised 92. After that I have been doing things under name BU & alone (w/occasional session members). Early BU was pretty much 1/1 AM noisecore material. Slowly it turned to what it is today. My approach has always been to do nasty audio nihilism.

Were you involved in anything pre-Aunt Mary?

When AM started I was like 16. Yeah there was some pre AM bands but nothing worth of mentioning.hah! Aaah what a hell lets be brutally honest when 13 we had a band called “AGON” hah. And after that R.A.F.D.(radioactive fall down) what a utter shit! We did try to be speed/thrash metal. In these 2 I was just a drummer. But after those my own brainstorm was “VARTIOTORNI”(watchtower) I tried to put out TERVEET KÄDET- style of HC w/ touch of NAPALM DEATH. It wasn`t very successful attempt. “VARTIOTORNI” was pre-AM.

PasiWhat or who was it that initially got you involved in Power Electronics / Noise?

Think about hundreds of noisecore tracks to put into 4-tracker. Each channel/track got hundreds of fast bursts of drum/gtr/human voice/ what’s the result? Cut up noise. That was the way. When you do it far enough result is strong wall of static noise. Add vocals and bang some metal plates w/ 3m long chainwhip. Everything has happened pretty much naturally. Biggest factor has been practice place(or lack of it- I did bedroom wanking recording sessions for long) late 2005 I got just perfect bunker for large metal object banging etc. Sir Mikko Aspa has been influence and his recommendations w/gear/pedals have evolve BU sound. Let’s put it this way into noise I got by my own, by accident, into PE I got because of GRUNT.

What would you say is the biggest influence that drives you to create now?

Sex and violence. At best those two are same thing.

I don’t want to bore the shit out of you or myself with a complete discography, so I’ll ask if the BU page over at Discogs pretty up to date and complete?

Uh sorry I have no idea. I haven’t ever save BU releases and I haven’t keep track what I have done. I don’t know why. Still today I don’t keep all my releases on record shelf. I just get rid of them. They are my babies and I throw them to world. Kick em out.

Not too much as of late, but you’ve collaborated quite a bit with Bastard Noise. How did that relationship come about?

We started to communicate very early. 1990 or 91. Oh its ancient history can’t remember. I must have been doing some fanzine interview about NEANDERTHAL or was it CHARRED REMAINS aka MAN IS THE BASTARD – BASTARD NOISE was spin off from MITB. We just started write letters/trade records etc.

Any plans on doing anything with those guys in the future?

Yes we had some talks about split LP. But haven’t been in contact w/Wood lately…

I didn’t know this until recently, but you’ve also worked with John Wiese under your own name. How did that one come about?

Difficult questions. I am demented old fuck. Wiese asked. I sent some noise and that was it. Never been that much in communications w/him.

You’ve done a ton of other great collaborations: a couple with Gelsomina the recent one Last Rape. Do you just enjoy the process or is there another reason for it? I’m curious because it seems to happen more in PE and Noise more than any other genre.

Yes that’s true it happens often in these circles. I can’t figure out why. I personally just enjoy it. Especially when doing live in studio. Mail collaborations aren’t that interesting. Collaborations w/GELSOMINA/SICK SEED have been best. There has been certain magic in those sessions. He is such a Beast. Both physically and mentally. SS-Offizier seems like rather quiet even shy but there is a great beast behind that image. Listen to any SS recordings. Authentic hate and lust at its best!

You also released one cassette last year as Chains Of Death Command. Any plans to do more under that moniker?

I played drums and did a bit of vocals for that project. I am afraid it’s dead and gone. I would like to re-issue it. Have to ask other members…

Holy shit!And the project that really seems to work people into a frenzy and is also very near and dear to my heart, Xenophobic Ejaculation. I take that as pretty tongue in cheek, but how serious are your “political views” on those releases?

“Fetishized the things that shouldn’t be done or are they in for real” I believe I did put that line to somewhere…

I am very serious about anything I do. Then what is it what I do? That’s a hard one. How would I put this…Some of my thoughts about this matter: if you go left you got dreadlocks, tree hugging, unshaved cunts, naive confused kids etc. if you go right there is some silly things for sure but overall there is realism and common sense.

When there is a picture of crushed black face w/steel capped strength or white Aryan flesh hammer giving urine to black cunts mouth.. what it is? sex & violence. I like discord, chaos, tension between races. Of course whites, blacks, yellow, brown won’t get along ever. I am not a political person that much I just lean back and enjoy the decadence. enjoy the show. XE is about racial issues, KKK hanging black trash, whites humiliating black whores, steel cap execution, White Power, 3rd Reich – glorious REICH, concentration camps, racial hygiene, white supremacy, xenophobic hate, black whores eating excrement, xenophobic ejaculation etc. etc. etc.

Does this all answers your question? Maybe not. If things would someday go as good as in Germania 1930. And if the ovens would be fire up again. Perverts like me would be thrown there too not in a first in line but right after Jews and niggers for sure. Unless you would join the party and go up on hierarchy hah! only good socialist is National Socialist. As I look at it, Glorious Reich back then was huge S/M session. Think about it. Uniforms, boots, orders given high to down. Kneel and obey, you got orders and you obey, you give orders to someone lower etc. all that rituals and ceremonies. etc. etc. I could write about this subject for whole day. Heh!

I wonder what it is about this particular project that makes people want to take an active stance against you? Do you think it’s just the name, track titles or maybe the imagery? It’s not like you make out in particular message in the tracks.

Hmm fetisized the thing that shouldn’t be done. And I am giving petrol to flames also have to admit. I just don’t care. SIEG HEIL! WHITE POWER!

What separates one project from the other? Do you begin the recording process with a certain one in mind or do you just start the damage and decide after what you think it fits best with?

Always clear vision of things before heading to bunker to record. Bizarre Uproar is raw/simple/sex & violence. XE is BU stripped down (is that possible? Aye it is!) and w/racial content only. XE will be always just me BU has session members also.

photo collage

Are you involved in any other projects besides those above you’d like to mention?

I played drums on one GOATMOON track “Orjaportti (työ tekee vapaaksi)” so far unreleased. Very proud of that heh!

What about artwork? Anyone who has seen the recent output will be aware of your obvious affection for brutal collage art. Would you say that’s an important aspect in your releases?

Yes Yes Yes! Very important. most likely will be even in bigger role in future.

Btw BIZARRE UPROAR “Lihan voitto hengestä – visual document 2005-2010” BOOK out soon. Will be IOPS/F&V co-release. A4 size thick as fuck. Good quality printing. Excellent lay-out, art directed by Sir Aspa himself.

Do you do all of the art yourself?

I mix photos of my own to other images. I do all my collage work by myself.

Very much like to combine own shit fun experienced to something like concentration camp imagery etc.

I’d suspect all of your projects are very visual as well. Do you enjoy getting to perform live?

90% of all live performances have been good. Sometimes it’s been wrong material in wrong place, wrong time.. like once in a art gallery opening. I prefer to play in front of drunken maniacs in as small bunker as possible.

I’ve seen photos of both Bizarre Uproar performances and XE. Is there anything like a “typical” show and what does that consist of?

Oh well not really. it always goes like this I know I got a live thing in a few months or so.. and then I collect everything that I got at that moment. and everything I like to spit out. and make some structure. rehearsal it couple of times and then just let the black vomit flow. couple of big amps are mandatory to get proper filthy sound. PA only shows haven’t been that good experiences. XE has done one live. Most likely not anything coming in a near future. And if will going to be private.

BU started to do live 2006. not that many done 15 maybe.

liveAny plans on maybe doing a DVD release at some point?

Yes, Freak Animal has plans and they got lots of material already there..

Last year you began your own label, Filth And Violence. What made you decide to pursue that?

Coz mainly labels are slow and unreliable. Don’t like them. In these circles when even “big” names sell only couple hundred copies you don’t really need labels. DIY! It’s good to have all strings in your own hands. There is no one to blame but yourself, heh. Was it last year? huh time flies!! Tape and vinyl mainly. Nasty noise, rotten to the core, sex and violence. Rough Xerox art work. that’s F&V. Also what label would have put out XENOPHOBIC EJACULATION “White Power” LP? some things you just have to do it by yourself.

You’ve released a CDr, CD, a couple of LP’s but focused mainly on cassettes. Will this continue to be your weapon of choice?

One CDr (because I wanted to include video clip) 2xCD, 4xLP,17xTape so far. aye definitely tapes and vinyls. CD is worthless format, don’t appreciate it that much. Sterile lack of character. I don’t even have CD player at home. only in car..

Will this be the primary label for your own projects or will continue to release on other labels as well?

I work w/ some carefully selected labels. yeah I guess most of the stuff will come out from F&V.

Any upcoming releases you can talk about coming out on F&V soon?

bizarreSSmania LP, BU “Mother pt.3″ Tape, Funeral mongoloids Tape, Manic/Depression Tape, SNUFF live Tape later 2nd LP, GOATMOON/XE 7”, Sadistic Bliss Tape, BU BOOK, NYRKKI&KYRPÄ 2 v/a Tape, most likely tape version of BU “Purification”, re-issues of old tapes such as BU “Likainen Ehtoollinen” etc. etc.

Themes of deviance, sexual perversion, racism and violence run rampant through most Power Electronics, but it seems like the “cream of the crop” come from Finland, a country whose entire population is less than the city I reside in. I did notice you’re 3rd in the world for rape victims (coincidence? I think not!). What do you think it is about your fair country that seems to produce such filthy musicians?


Hah, It’s a combination of many things I believe. Still overall I think it’s just coincidence that here are many nasty units.. Right now something like only perhaps 20-25 people are doing rough stuff. Small but loud active group of people!

Heh I dunno about rape statistics. Finland is a land of isolation and violence when rare contact to others happens. We are not that talkative (it’s in genes – think about our forefathers in -30 Celsius, cold like that and you don’t wanna open your mouth) Alcoholism, incest, domestic violence, depression… that’s Finland. On the other hand same, goes for Russia and north of Sweden etc.

Finland is a great place to grow crooked/twisted.

To me it’s always seemed the Finns produced some of the ugliest output because you live it. Not to say that you reside in some crack infested whore house wallowing around in used needles and piss, I know you yourself are a family man, but it’s not “just a weekend thing”. What do you attribute to the quality of PE coming from your homeland?

If you are into something then you are, ya know? It’s not a choice really. Some people are fascinated w/sharks and skateboard or dirt bikes. I am not. My interests are somewhere else. The most twisted things are happening in families btw. heh!

Do you think there’s a slight elitist attitude as well? For instance, how do you rate the stuff coming out of the US compared to your brethren? Pull no punches, sir.

Hah! I believe the most biggest problem in US is that everything/everybody is so fucking awesome, rad and kids are too easily keen. And using the word “dude”. Heh! No, really USA is a huge country you got lots of shit there but also lots of excellent things!! But I guess right now if you are into nasty filthy PE/NOISE you have to look up to the north mainly?

Are there other artistic endeavors you enjoy outside of this medium? Painting, writing, etc?

Everything goes if its sex & violence. Right now very much into M/S incest and whites humiliating blacks. In all formats.

Any good music (or non-music) recommendations? What’s been spinning at the F&V Headquarters?


Finally, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. The closing comments are yours!



Thank you! (fansite)


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