Destruktor : Nailed

Destruktor : NailedHell’s Headbangers : 2009
Format : CD

Some years ago, I reviewed a previous release by Australians Destruktor for another publication. I described the band as having a core of brutal Thrash and Death Metal laced with ferocious Black Metal-influences, resulting in a sound that is so obviously Australian it’s hard to mistake where these kangaroos come from. I proceeded to state that the problem of the band is that they’re a bit too faceless for their own good, and that whilst outstanding music would compensate for it, Destruktor aren’t outstanding enough. All the right ingredients are there but the soup just isn’t as tasty as it could be, in a nutshell.

And several years later, pretty much the same words could be applied to Destruktor’s Nailed. Death Metal with a thrashing Black Metal edge, and quite Australian at that, too. It’s certainly listenable enough and not half bad, but scarcely memorable or original. There are some moments when the guitar- and bass work remotely remind me of De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas (unmixed versions of course, ones with more bass in the mix), which combined with the brutality of their Death Metal is a surprisingly working mix; other than that, though, I’m struggling to come up with anything that’d set Destruktor apart from the competition.

A decent album the band doesn’t have to be ashamed about, but nothing spectacular. Sadly, it seems that Destruktor are fated to slug it out in the second division for all eternity.

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