Goatmoon / Xenophobic Ejaculation : Split

Goatmoon / Xenophobic Ejaculation : SplitFilth And Violence : 2010
Format : 7” vinyl

This one seems like a pretty strange pairing other than both projects are Finnish and share similar philosophies, but politics makes strange bedfellows as they say and you don’t get much stranger, or better, than this. Goatmoon is pretty well known for ugly, raw Black Metal with a definite NS slant and most people reading any of my reviews no by now, Xenophobic Ejaculation is a side project of Pasi Markkula of Bizarre Uproar fame and F&V label owner. This is one of those records that bent me over so hard I had to write something within hours of hearing it.

Goatmoon brings it balls out on Side A with “Orjaportti (Arbeit Macht Frei)”. This one begins with a sample in German (heh) over a simple 1-2 drum beat heavy on the ride cymbal and then blasts into pure punk infused Black Metal. Far from pretty with spittle drenched Finnish vocals. It ends with a bit of explosive noise of it’s own. Nice touch.

XE brings up the rear with a reinterpretation of “Raise Your Right Arm” from last years “Victory” tape (also on F&V). All of the ear bleeding feedback is there, it’s really a simple but powerful continuous bit of noise, and of course the venomous vocal assault, but this time it’s accompanied by a repeating militant snare drum throughout. This once again proves how Mr. Markkula can take something simple and tear your head apart with it.

The record is house in a folded insert with old school collage-type covers with a single picture of each participant. This one is mandatory as far as I’m concerned, but you’re either going to love this immediately or want to smash it in half. But don’t do that, it’s limited to 250 copies and was sold out from the label before it was even officially released. It’s worth the effort to track down.


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