Hunters Moon : The Serpents Lust

Hunters Moon : The Serpents LustHell’s Headbangers : 2009
Format : CD

There’s been quite a few bands in the past twenty years or so who’ve taken their cue from Bathory’s most epic Viking Metal-albums, combining the majestic and epic atmospheres with more Black Metal-styled vocals and aesthetics. One of the first names that spring to my mind is Mayhemic Truth/Morrigan, but there’s no shortage of names on that list. Hunter’s Moon joins the fold with this six-track EP consisting of intro, outro and four tracks (of which one is a cover) that echo Bathory more than passingly.

Hunter’s Moon do what they do very well, certainly better than many others who’ve tried their hand at the same. Without sacrificing any of the primal feel of real Black Metal, Hunters Moon manage to sound majestic, cold and distant in the same manner as Bathory did; the Angel Witch-cover is of course an exception, but other than that the mid-paced to slow, slightly NWOBHM-influenced sound achieves what the band set out to do quite admirably.

None of the tracks on the EP really stand out as particularly memorable; it’s more the overall feel and atmosphere of the EP that leaves the listener with a positive impression, but on closer inspection the tracks themselves aren’t particularly memorable. The Serpents Lust is therefore a case where the total is more than the sum of the individual parts: as single songs, nothing special but as a whole, a release that is nice to return to from time to time.

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