Lustration : Goetic Invokator Demo

Lustration : Goetic Invokator DemoFistbang Records : 2009
Format : cassette

When it comes to metal lately, one thing I haven’t been able to get enough of is gritty, old school Metal Ov Death. Most of you know what I’m talking about. Its equal parts Sodom, Bathory, Venom but filtered through and adolescence of heavy punk influences. You can take one look at Lustration’s pedigree and no what you’re in for. These Aussie lads consist of Minesweeper from 308 on vocals, Witchripper & Nekrobogan of Shrapnel on guitar and bass, respectively and none other than Mr. Camazotz of the mighty Spear Of Longinus banging the skins.

In fact, a few of the tracks are even re-workings of some old SoL tracks. There’s not technical guitar wankery or pristine production. Its pure filth and fury, steeped in the occult and blackened by Crowleyian works. The demo kicks off with “He Ru Ha Ra on the Horizon”, an ode to Horus that plods and lurches like the great go treading the desert and ends with fiery abandon. “Bundle of Energy” is just that, breakneck speeds and chaos. Next up is “Warrior of a Future Reich” which would have fit perfect on T.Y.O.N.S.-era Spear if not for Minesweeper’s vocal delivery being a bit more on the grimmer side. “Goetic Invokator” falls again into the thrashy type realm of “Bundle”, hell both of those tracks together are less than three minutes long. Closing out the tape is “061 BC, Land of Nod, Somewhere East of Eden”, another Panzer attack of unrelenting bass/drum pummeling and a two-chord guitar assault. It’s so unwavering it’s hypnotic. This is a band you can just tell will blow your head off live.

Are Lustration offering anything earth-shatteringly new? No. Do they tear your sack off and hand it to you when they do? Absolutely. This is a fantastic demo effort and I’m seriously looking forward to a full length. Pro-printed covers & tape, limited to 150 copies, hit up the label, ebay, whatever, but track it down.


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