Sewer Goddess : Verdigris

Sewer Goddess : VerdigrisBaseborn Records : 2010
Format : 7” vinyl

Oregon, 07.29.1973: Two young females are found shot dead on a dirt road near Coquille. Both are nude and died of a single .22 caliber shot to the chest. The pair had been camping when unfortunately than ran across Roger Lynn Green who murdered the two girls without rhyme or reason. Leave it to Boston based Industrial outfit Sewer Goddess to not only be aware of this incident, but release a record as a twisted memorial of sorts to the obscure murder of the two teens.

There’s one track on each side of the record, each titled after one of the victims. Side A begins with “Kathleen Marie Bechtel”. Evil synth bursts in from all around paired with some truly nasty, distorted vocals, death slow with distance clinks and clanks of some unknown object. It sounds like it was recorded in some, dank, graffiti covered tunnel under a railroad track on a carpet of spent syringes and used condoms, reeking of disease and despair.

“Vicki Louise Fawcett” comprises side B. The rhythmic pulses are slightly more aggressive, a bit more urgent, and the vocals have a definite more feminine edge, but it’s still as oppressive and heavy as the previous side. There’s no squealing feedback or shouting, this is pure Death Industrial. Minimal sound / Maximum damage.

There are two pressings of this record. I can only speak for the first as it’s what I own and it’s a thing of beauty; heavy black cardstock wallet-style jackets with hand screen silver ink along with two inserts. These were limited to just 73 copies. This is one of the best looking releases I’ve ever seen, period. I read the second press will be standard fold-over printed jackets and a few bucks cheaper. It will still be worth tracking down. I’ve been a fan of this project since becoming aware of it back in 2007, but I think these two tracks are the pinnacle thus far. These are going to be hard to top. I’m sure she will.


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