Decrepitaph – Conjuring Chaos

Archasm Releasing : 2010
Format : CD/Cassette

I first became aware of this Texas duo roughly a year ago when a comrade loaned me the bands “Condemned Cathedral” disc after seeing them live. His insistence that I check them out was coupled with him commenting, “The guy that does guitars and vocals, Sinworm, looks just like Brad Pitt in Kalifornia”. Well, any potential psychopath in a trucker hat is worthy of a listen or two.

Now I remember digging the bands old school Swede Death direction, but being the addict for music that I am, I soon forgot about them until seeing this EP in one of Archasm’s adverts. Since I pretty much worship anything that springs up on that label and discovering the drummer also does the skin duties for Father Befouled, I thought it was time to revisit some fellow good ol’ boys.

Since the band was started back in 2006 by bassist/drummer Elektrokutioner, they’ve released a couple of demos, two full-lengths, two “best of” comps and a handful of splits and EP’s. Prolific, to say the least. Now for this outing there’s only five tracks, one of them isn’t listed but we’ll get to that. The first four deliver the goods. no nonsense, stripped down, to the point DEATH, combining sections of fist-pumping mid-paced thrash slowing to passages of near doom with blistering bursts of speed and a surprising knack for melody, but not in a gay Opeth way. Lyrically they lean toward B-Movie occult horror, with a couple of samples so obscure I can’t even to begin to figure them out. The intro to “The Loathsome Altar” makes me laugh every time.

The album ends with an unlisted track, “Seeing Red”. That’s right, the Minor Threat tune. And it’s not some metaled-out version, but a straight ahead homage to Ian MacKaye and company. That one got this old punker’s heart going. Like I’ve said before, all the best metal has a healthy dose of punk rock at its core. The CD is limited to 500 copies and the cassette to 100. The cover features more great pen and ink art from Apolo Osor. This one is definitely worth tracking down.


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