Bereft : Chlanna Nan Con Thigibh Aso’s Gheibh Sibh Feoil

2010 : Destructive Industries
Format : C20 Cassette

It took a little research, but the title of this tape from one of my favorite US Industrial projects is in Gaelic. There seems to be a little division on whether it’s originally Scots, Irish or Welsh, but they all derived from the same Celtic root. It literally translates into “sons of the hounds, come and get flesh” and was the battle cry for the Scottish Cameron clan at one point. For this 4 track release, it’s a fitting title.

Side A kicks off with “Stand Fast”. A crunching pulse rolls of a single line of deep hum, hypnotic, like a twisted battle march. Little sparks of high end wriggle in and out. The marching rhythm shifts to double time adding a sense of urgency and impending destruction. The side ends with an Industrialized cover of US Oi! rockers Stars and Strips classic “Shaved For Battle”. The filtered, shouted vocals over the throbbing surge make it unrecognizable as an Oi! track, but the underlying energy and anger still drive it along.

Side B begins with “Cymru Am Byth”. This is definitely Welsh as it’s the country motto “Wales Forever”. Lo-fi crunch is batted back and forth between high end hiss with sporadic blasts of noise. This side, and the tape, ends with another cover. This time it’s “I Don’t Like You” from working class heroes Skrewdriver. This one is uber lo-fi with deep, throbbing low-end with the vocals more to the forefront on this one. It’s lean, mean and more than a little scary.

I always liked this project, but even more so with the direction they’ve taken lately. It seems more influenced by old Industrial: Broken Flag, early Tesco, etc than more modern PE. That’s right up my alley. And they’re one of the few exercising any kind of quality control. Standard issue j-card release with some cool no-nonsense art, this is one of my favorite tapes this year…churning, lo-fi Industrial dedicated to hearth and heritage.


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