Occvlta : We Command The Wolves

2010 : SD&MC/Dying Victims
Format : CD/Cassette

I’ve been a fan of heavy metal for a little over 30 years. I can still remember the day in eight grade my best friend played “Hell Bent For Leather” and I was pretty much hooked from that day forward. Even after discovering Punk a year later, I still held that flame, even if wasn’t particularly cool to like both at that time. As evident from my reviews, I listen to many, many different styles of music, but throughout metal’s sub-genre shifts, splinters and splits, it’s one that’s part of my being.

That said, in 30 years its very easy to get jaded, disgusted and sometimes a little bored. Then some little reminder of why you do and always will love the genre lands in your lap through some late night drunken ‘net surfing, a podcast or a passing recommendation. Occvlta is one of those bands, rising up through the fodder of mediocrity like a U-boat bent on destruction.

This demo was originally self-released by the band, then as a limited to 100 CD from Sex, Death & Metal Club and finally on vber kvlt kassette via Dying Victims Productions. “We Command The Wolves” is six tracks of Punk infused Blackened Thrash honed to a deadly edge like only the Germans can do it. Flawless drumming, guitars like a Hells Angels rally and Hord’s vocals…imagine if Lemmy Kilmister and Udo Dirkschneider reared a child in some bizarre alternative lifestyle relationship and bottle fed him on the milk of a succubus.

This tape reminds me a lot of Spear Of Longinus and the current era of Darkthrone. “Where Is The Winter” could be easily have fit on the last three DT albums, and I don’t mean as mindless copycatting, but pure necro attitude. No experimental elements, no shoe gazing or thought provoking lyrics, like a bullet belt across your face, it is what it fucking is. This one is completely mandatory.


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