Andrew King : Emblematic Paintings

Timeless : 2011
Format : Hardcover

I first became aware of Andrew King as a musician and wasn’t aware that his artistic career had actually began as a painter. It was through an excellent interview in volume 3 of the Tyr journal that I first became aware of the man as a visual artist. Once aware, I was amazed at how many pieces of his art had passed my gaze over the years, as covers done for his own releases as well as those of others in the Neofolk realm. I became an instant fan, and am now lucky enough to have a print Andrew did for the cover of issue 2 of Hex Magazine gracing my wall.

As Michael Moynihan points out in his brilliant forward, King’s paintings and drawings are steeped in the tradition of William Blake, but also remind me of Austin Osman Spare and at times of M. C. Escher. Intricate, dark and beautiful, these are works to be studied again and again, each time a small nuance you missed before reveals itself. And King’s introduction is both amusing and depressing, as this true “man out of time” reveals his struggles with a fickle and stifling British art culture where, as King so aptly puts it, “celebrates in song and image the vernacular of the indigenous people of the British Isles” falls victim to the current climate of “celebrating diversity”.

At 60 pages, the hardbound book includes the above mentioned forward and introduction, as well as over 40 plates with a catalogue of Andrew’s work, as well as a full listing of his exhibitions, publications and a discography. Limited to only 300 copies, it’s well worth every penny. You can order it direct from the publisher and see some samples here, or copies can also be obtained directly from the artist:

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