Episode 16

Show Notes

Welter In Thy Blood : To Bind With Nine Fold Chain Through The Fields of Mourning CD
Evil, noisy, blackened DOOM project featuring members of A Taste For Decay, Pro-Death, Slaughtered Lamb & StemCell Research Project. Suicide yourself.
Encoffination : Eucharist of Bone And Flame Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh CD
Crushing Death Doom featuring memebers of Decrepitaph and Father Befouled pull you into the abyss and then blast you runs of pure Punk Thrash. Mandatory.
Hell : Tyranno I LP
Vinyl re-issue on Pesanta of long out of print cassette originally released on the now defunct Woodsmoke label. Soul tearing Cascadian DOOM in a beautiful screened Doré cover.
Der Blutharsch & Deutsch Nepal : Untitled Apöcalyptic Climäx 2 CD
CD re-issue of long gone 10″ originally released in1999. Great set of creepy Industrial Ambient from both of these classic acts.S.P.K. – Israel Leichenschrei CD
Originally released in 1982, a masterpiece from one of the originators of Industrial music. Everyone should own this album, period.
OBJEKT/URIAN : Anneliese M. Agitation CD
Founded in 1998, this German act blur the lines between Industrial, Noise and Power Electronics preferring the analogue approach, much of the equipment built themselves. Fantastic disc.
Avsky : The Beyond Scorn CD
More hatred from this underrated Swedish act. While not really representative of the Thrashy Black Metal comprising the rest of this, their second effort for Moribund, it proves you don’t have to be aggressive to sound evil.
Morbus 666 : Possessed by the Glory of Lucifer Mortuus Cultus CD
A Houston, TX super-group of sorts, featuring members of Imprecation, Bahimiron, Thornspawn and Adumus, this disc is a tribute to pure old school Nordic Black Metal without coming off as a lame imitation.
Necros Christos : Necromantique Nun Gate II Doom Of The Occult CD
One of my favorite releases of 2011, so good I had to include 2 tracks. Flawless doom-laden Death Metal with mesmerizing interludes of occultish Middle Eastern Folk. Just an amazing band.
Birch Book : Zephyr Through Willows Vol. II – Fortune & Folly CD
Taking the aggression down a bit with some heartfelt Cascadian Folk from B’eirth, also known for his work as In Gowan Ring as well as sitting in with Blood Axis in Witch-Hunt. All of the Birch Book stuff is great when I’m in a more introspective mood.
:novemthree: : Cloister Garden “From These Ashes..” 7″
Sticking with the Cascadian Folk theme, one of my favorites in the genre has to be Pythagumus Marshall’s music as nature worship. You can almost smell the moss. But despite all of the ooo’s and aaahh’s, there’s something slight ominous about it…just like the deep woods.
Owls : God Is Right The Night Stays CD
A new project of Tony Wakeford’s with Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari and Eraldo Bernocchi of Sigillum S. Anything with Wakeford reminds me of Sol Invictus, but imagine that crossed with “Fragile” era Nine Inch Nails. Strange, I know, but I’ve been enjoying this one immensely.
Neurosis & Jarboe : Within S/T CD
This one goes back a few years, but I can’t believe people don’t talk about this release more. It’s a total masterpiece.
RU-486 : Glasses Concealed Weaponry 2005-2010 cassette
One of my favorite US Power Electronic acts going. Of course since this collection of out of print material was released on my own label, I’m a bit biased. Still, you can’t deny the strength, aggression and shear violence of his releases. And as good as they are, they don’t touch his live performances.
Ke/Hil : Ephedrin Hellstation LP
If your even a passing fan of Industrial, you will recognize the names of Brigant Moloch and Wilhelm Herich, both are active members of Anenzephalia and Genocide Organ respectively. It’s an amazing journey through old school Industrial, Power Electronics and Dark Ambient textures. Highly recommended.
Luftwaffe : Ere I Perish Ere I Perish CD
You’re not going to name your band Luftwaffe and not ruffle a few feathers, and this Chicago duo ruffle more feathers than a fox in a hen house. Masterfully merging NeoFolk melodies with Industrial aggression, listening to this disc gives me that dread feeling in the pit of my stomach, kind of like when my mother would yell for me with my first and middle name. You just know you’re in trouble.
Hawkwind : The Watcher – Doremi Fasol Latido CD
From 1972, a classic track from a classic band. You kids today could learn a thing or two from Lemmy…totally evil without even trying.
Bain Wolfkind : Pimp Stick Music For Lovers And Gangsters CD
A now classic disc of laid-back cool from the vocalist of Der Blutharsch. Enough characters reeking of cheap cologne, Kentucky bourbon, cigarette smoke and desperation to make Nick Cave proud.
Mourne : Force Untold Wait CD
Crust laden Doom from featuring members of Disrupt and one of my all time favorites Filth Of Mankind. I have no idea why it took me so long to find out about these guys. There’s a new album from Profound Lore out now.
Funerary Call : Equestrian Seals Dark Waters Stirred CD
This is from last years release on Australia’s excellent Fall Of Nature label. This track of bleak, Dark Ambient features the commanding vocal presence of Troy Southgate, a noted author as well as vocalist for his own projects H.E.R.R. and Seelenlicht. Recommended.
ohGr : screwMe Undeveloped CD
The brand new album from well known Skinny Puppy vocalist Nivek Ogre. I’m still trying to soak this one end, a lot of it seems a bit tame when put into perspective of his work with Skinny Puppy, but this is a solo effort. Still, this track immediately caught my ear.

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