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Episode No. 17 : Samhain

Jeff 11.06.2011 Podcast

Intro (5 Little Pumpkins) : my daughter Isabelle
Yes, I know how cute she is.



Lustmord : Ash
[Other] CD
One of the godfathers of Dark Ambient. No introduction needed.



Blood Axis : The Ride
Ultimacy CD
One of my all time favorite tracks from the seminal US Neofolk legends. If you are unfamiliar with the band, this collection is a great place to start. For the fan, it’s critical.


Ten Horns Proud : Time I Dig My Grave
Demo 2011
A fantastic track from a (hopefully) upcoming release, a mysterious hybrid of Bluegrass, Americana and dark Folk. This is one I’ll be keeping my eye on.


Spear Of Longinus : I Am War
Domni Satnasi CD
Punk fueled Black Metal from the first full-length by the Aussie occult masters. Mandatory.


Sabbath Assembly : The Time Of Abaddon
Restored To One CD
Reworkings of the hymns of the Process Church Of The Final Judgment sung by the angelic Jessica Toth, psychedelic and beautiful.


Roto Visage : Window Well
Advance track from this long-running US Dark Ambient project shows the progression to a noisier, more aggressive sound.


Art Abscons : Ester Lester
October 31st 7″
Brilliant new EP from one of my absolute favorite new Neofolk projects. Hail to the masked one!


Tones On Tail : Movement Of Fear
Pop CD
Mid 80’s side project of Bauhaus guitarist Daniel Ash. This track always puts me in a Halloween mood.


Age Of Tarus : Unborn Destroyer
In The Days Of The Taurean Empire demo
Excellent new London Doom Metal!! Think early My Dying Bride, only much heavier and none of the gay.


Godflesh : Christbait Rising
Streetcleaner CD
Ye gods, if I have to tell you anything about this band or this album, please…turn off this podcast, click on over to Amazon or whomever you choose and buy it immediately.


Saturnalia Temple : Aion Of Drakon
Aion Of Drakon CD
The band describes themselves as Black Magic Metal and that’s pretty apt. Psychedelic Doom influenced by the teachings of Thomas Karlsson and the magical order of Dragon Rouge.


The Louvin Brothers : Knoxville Girl
Tragic Songs Of Life CD
More evil than the most Satanic Black Metal, more necro than the heaviest Death, maybe one of the darkest songs ever written. If you think all Bluegrass is toothless hillbillies ranting about salty dogs, think again.


Endura : The Left Hand Of The Dead
Black Eden CD
Sadly no more, but both members continue to operate as other projects. Black Eden will always be a masterpiece of Dark Ambient.


Mayhem : Pagan Fears
Nordic Metal: A Tribute To Euronymous CD
Norwegian supremacy.



Christian Death : Deathwish
Only Theatre Of Pain CD
My favorite track from the man who basically invented the Death Rock genre, Rozz Williams. You are gone but not forgotten.


Dax Riggs : Didn’t Know Yet What I’d Know When I Was Bleedin’
We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love CD
Former lead singer of the god-like Acid Bath continues to offer twisted tales with his genre blurring solo project. One of the great American songwriters of our time.


Chuck Cirino : The Shining (Dies Irae)
The Shining Soundtrack CD
Classic reworking of Mozart’s Requiem “Dies Irae” for one of the greatest horror films of all time.


Andrew King : The Three Ravens
Deus Ignotus CD
One of my favorite tracks from the absolutely brilliant new CD from Andrew King. The man is a master of experimental British Folk, each track is a history lesson.


Amebix : Axeman
Arise! CD
Another “shame on you if you don’t know them” bands, from the album that basically bridged the gap between Punk and Metal. We’ll forgive them for spawning the Crusties.


Vrolok : Ghosts Of Winter Mourning
Soul Amputation CD
One of the most underrated albums by one of the most underrated USBM bands of all time. This track sets the mood for autumn in my book. Yes, it’s been featured before and will be again.


Samhain : Horror Biz
Initium CD
My mirrors are black for you…..



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