Scout : Fields Of Ash


2013 : Pesanta Urfolk
Format : 7″

For the uninitiated, Scout Paré-Phillips is the bassist and vocalist for The Sterling Sisters, a band featuring George Cessna, the son of Slim Cessna’s of Auto club fame. Now that’s more Cessna’s than a Los Zetas air strip, but what I want to draw your attention to is Ms. Paré-Phillips. She can more than hold her own in a solo setting.

This is stripped down Dark Folk, Goth Country, Big Apple Appalachian, I don’t care what you want to call it, I could listen to (and lords look at) her all day. Her voice harkens me back to the days of Jean Ritchie, but without sounding forced, or Gods forbid, retro. With nothing more than a little percussion, guitar, autoharp and some subtle electronics, that voice flows over me like warm honey. It’s like being anointed in oil at a tent revival on a warm Kentucky day. These two tracks bring me to my knees every time they hit my turntable.

Obviously fans of the Sisters will be all over this, but you’re into that 16 Horsepower/Wovenhand vibe, or even traditional Folk music in general, you’d be doing yourself a disservice to pass on this. As I hinted at above, not only a musician, but has lent her exotic beauty to modeling, as well as being a talented photographer in her own right.

Get into it.

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