Intolitarian : Berserker Savagery


2012 : Audial Decimation Records
Format : CD

The first time I’d heard of this new project, it was described to me by a comrade as “like Deathkey with drums”. And that sums it up fairly well, but there’s also an amped up chaos factor that the above statement doesn’t attest to.

The electronics are a bit more toned down and minimal, but the drums, courtesy of an entity known only as “Terror”, give the project an elemnt of Grindcore. The vocal delivery seems even more violent, and perhaps a bit more straightforward and less filtered than anything on the Deathkey releases, but of course, this isn’t Deathkey. It’s a different entity altogether. Sure, the message is the same. if you have question what that message is, a minor investigation into Antichrist Kramer, his music, his paintings or his graphic art, and the message should be apparent. It’s HATE.

The disc is comprised of two 20+ minute tracks, “Weapon Of Revolution” and “Death Campaign”. Listening to both in their entirety is a lesson in stamina, not because it’s deficient, but because it’s overwhelming and  exhausting. Both lyrically and visually this release embodies what we’ve come to expect from Kramer. It’s offensive and rightfully so. While I may not agree with all of his politics, he does have my respect. He’s never watered anything down or tried to make it more palatable for the masses. At it’s core, it’s not about politics. Sure, there’s definitely racism, but it seems just the cauldron for something deeper and darker. Give ear to the output, take a long hard look at the visuals and paintings produced. This is seething contempt for what most hold sacred. It is works lain on the altar of destruction, a manifesto of complete and total annihilation.

As of this writing, Audial Decimation has ceased and will be absorbed by the newly founded Deathangle Absolution Records. There are still plenty of places to find this release with minimal effort.

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