Dread Sovereign : Pray To The Devil In Man

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}

2013 : Roadburn Festival
Format : 12″ EP

I’ve said it many, many times, but for my money Alan Averill (Nemtheanga) is one of the best vocalist in Metal. As most know, he’s been the mouthpiece for Ireland’s Primordial since the dawn of the nineties. Seeing that he’s experimented with other other genres within Extreme Metal, singing for Blood Revolt, guesting on Marduk and Rotting Christ, it seems only natural that he tackle Doom. But don’t be surprised if you don’t instantly recognize his golden throat. For this record he definitely drifts over into some decidedly Ozzy era Sabbath areas.

Averill, who also doubles on bass, is joined for this journey into the heavy and bleak by guitarist Bones from Dublin’s stoner groove lads Wizards Of Firetop Mountain and Primordial skinman Simon O’Laoghaire (Sol Bubh). The three bring a definite 70s Hard Rock feel to the table without sounding kitschy, or Satan forbid, retro. It’s definitely sinister and oppressive enough, but also hits you with a total one-pecenter Live to Ride / Ride to Live outlaw vibe. “We Wield The Spear Of Longinus” is about my favorite Doom track going at the moment and it’s as nasty as they come. Lyrically, Averill sticks to the elements that make metal Metal, the Devil, the occult, Darkness and Evil.

Hopefully this is these three tracks are the first of many. As of this writing, this is available on vinyl only, in black or glorious red. It also features some incredible cover art from Costin Chioreanu. Snag one before they’re history.




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