Chaos Order : Vultures

Chaos Order

2013 : Fly The Light Records
Format : 7″

Ok, so I’ll be the first to admit I’m completely out of touch when it comes to modern Hardcore. For me that genre pretty much began and ended in the early 80’s. When I hear someone say “Hardcore” now, I immediately think of karate dancing jackasses and watered-down Metal.

So what caught my eye about Chaos Order? As strange as it may seem, Boyd Rice. I noticed a post on the man’s Facebook page giving these guys his seal of approval, something you rarely see from Boyd. So of course, I checked them out. I was struck first by the bands logo, a sort of modified Cross of Lorraine, obviously a head-nod to Mr. Rice. Then I gave some of the samples a listen and what I heard made me quickly order the 7″.

Now the band does incorporate more modern elements of Hardcore, heavier vocal stylings, breakdowns, etc, but there’s a definite love of their forefathers and the early days of the sound. The opener “Only The Past Is Done” could be a lost Cro-Mags track and “Inner Voices” incorporates those early Bad Religion harmonies. But make no mistake, this isn’t some watered down doppelganger of past glories.

But no need to take my word for it, you can stream the whole album below along with the three extra tracks included with the download when you buy the record. The vinyl is available in classic black, clear black & white splatter or clear red. You can order it directly form the label for a measly $5 here. Tell them Boyd sent you.


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