David E. Williams ‎: Trust No Scaffold Built Of This Bone


2013 : Old Europa Cafe
Format : Digipack CD

For those of you who may not be familiar with Mr.Williams, and shame on you if this applies, he’s been blessing the world with his bizarre genius for over 25 years, popping up on Cleopatra compilations, appearing with the likes of Rozz Williams, Lloyd James (Naevus) and Jonathan Canady (Deathpile/The Urge Within) as well as his own healthy catalog of full-lengths, EP’s and singles. Hell, there was even a compilation CD of some of the biggest and brightest in the Neofolk and Industrial genres covering his songs.Trying to describe DEW to the uninitiated can prove a bit difficult. Where does one start? Describing odes to the late Bob Crane or Ida Amin? Songs of a sexual deviant who kidnaps and withholds the medication of an epileptic to experience her tremors?  Or maybe a cover of the German Armed Forces lament, all accompanied by luscious keyboard arrangements and pure Pop sensibilities? David is the Burt Bacharach for the sick and misanthropic, and with “Trust No Scaffold”, it’s business as usual.

The parade of wit and black humor begins with an ode to everyone’s favorite summer past time, The Picnic, this being it’s official song. “Dashing Habber” is as danceable and fun as anything OMD ever churned out. And David includes his ever reoccurring cast of friends on several tracks. The previous mentioned Lloyd James lends his suave and sexy vocals to “Closet”, making the mundane seem delightful. The lovely and talented Jane Elizabeth (DJ at large and head honcho at Tesco USA) joins in for a duet on the poppy “What’s Your Scene, Jellybean?”, the haunting “A Patch Of Fog In Purgatory”, as well as the Gothic Disco of “Peanuts, Candy, A Dog And A Bird”. And the always magnificent Andrew King stops by to supply both lead and backing vocals, as well as hamonimum, to “Relapse”. Heck, it’s worth the price of the CD to hear Mr. King sing about golden showers.

I could prattle on and on as every track is a little slice of heaven, at least as far as I’m concerned. And why? Because David’s music never fails to make me smile, if not outright cackle. To be able to achieve this with the talent, cynicism and cleverness accomplished here takes a rare talent indeed. I’ve said it before, I will say it again, David is an American icon and a national treasure. Why he’s not on the lips of every household is beyond me, but probably for the best.

The beautiful digipack features cover art from painter Jim Ether and as of this writing is readily available stateside from Mr. Williams as well as Tesco USA. Residents in Europe can order directly from Old Europa Cafe. If you’re still in doubt, have a look/listen below!


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