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2013 : Autre Que
Format : 7″

I’m going to assume that anyone browsing this site already shares some common interests with yours truly and are full aware of the living legends that are Changes, but just in case, a little Condensed History 101 is probably in order. The rest of the class may skip down a few paragraphs.

Changes are an American Folk duo formed by cousins Robert N. Taylor and Nicholas Tesluk in the year 1969 in Chicago. They preformed throughout the Chicago area folk scene, taking a year long hiatus between 1973-74 when Robert moved away. The reformed on his return before finally calling in quits in 1977. Neither man stopped their artistic pursuits, both are brilliant painters and poets, Taylor has several chapbooks of his work in print, and was one of the founders of the Asatru movement in the USA.

In the mid-nineties, the duo was rescued from virtual obscurity by Michael Moynihan of Blood Axis, who released the first official Changes album on his own Storm label in conjunction with the now defunct Cthulhu Records from Germany. The rest is history, as they say. Robert and Nicholas now have several albums, splits and singles under their belts and continue their output, as well as performances and worldwide tours, until this very day. Nicholas has also collaborated on number of projects; Werkraum, The Green Man and Tears Of Othila, as well as releasing a CD of his band Phase II that had existed during the interim of Changes.

And this brings us finally to the release at had, the beautiful 7″ picture disc, “Ride The Tiger”. This record was released to accompany the duo on their successful 2013 world tour. Side A features the amazing “Mahabharata Of The Soul”, a track that was previously released on their split with Andrew King back in 2005. It’s one of my favorite Changes songs ever recorded. The unmistakable duet of Robert and Nicholas is joined on the chorus by the children of both men, which I thought to be a beautiful touch, as Tesluk wields his ever-present 12 string as gracefully as a samurai with a katana, and with as much speed. The previously unreleased “When The Sun Kings Reign Again” makes up side B, so completest take note. It’s a wonderful song I’ve had the pleasure to hear live and one that’s quickly become a favorite.

And if you needed more nudging, the picture disc itself is a fantastic piece of art rendered by Robert Taylor himself. A roaring tiger head sits inside of a sacred yantric contour. The symbol was also used as a backdrop for their tour. Limited to a mere 240 copies, I wouldn’t expect these to be around for long. In the America’s, you can order direct from the band here, and folks in the Eastern hemisphere would be advised to purchase direct from the label, Autre Que.

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