Nechbeyth : Blood.Axis.Domination

cover2011 / 2014 : Vrykoblast Productions / Nuclear War Now!
Format : CD / LP

If the album art depicting various demons wielding tridents, vultures, gasmasks, the severed head of Christ, and Baphomet astride a giant inverted cross didn’t already state the obvious, these Singaporeans play violent and bestial Black / Death Metal. 

Not surprisingly Nechbeyth bears many similarities to other bands of this formula; Impiety’s best material (“Skullfucking Armageddon” era)  Black Witchery… Revenge and Conqueror but to a lesser degree, being that the attack here is far more militant and controlled but not without the typical pick-slides rearing their head here and there. Diocletian’s “Doom Cult” could also be a good reference point.

The album is relatively short, which is perfect for this type of music. Always energetic and never showing any remorse, there’s little time for simple head banging moments and it remains at high speeds throughout. Multi-tracked vocals are prominent, the manic highs are the fore-front occasionally backed by deeper (possibly pitch shifted at times?) vomits echoing in the background. Guitar tone is notably higher than those I mentioned previously but remains dense enough to cancel out any detrimental effect to their overall sound.

“Blood.Axis.Domination” is not a new recording. This was originally released on Vrykoblast Productions on Digipak CD back in 2011 but appears to have gone completely under most people’s radar, perhaps due to isolation (Is this a new label? Never heard of it before) and little promotion to Western audiences. It is truly beyond me how this band went relatively unnoticed for so long. Thankfully this LP from these Eastern hate mongers found the right home on Nuclear War Now! Productions, available on both black and silver vinyl.

In such an overcrowded sub-sub-genre filled with far too many unserious and disposable bands, Nechbeyth have impressed me. Nothing much new to be heard but they do it in the perfect way to feed my hunger for audial chaos and violence. A force to be reckoned with. Not for the pacified and lazy.


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