Hellgoat : End of Man

.: The following originally appeared in anti-matter’s Temple de Muerte zine :.

2014 : Boris Records
Format : 7″

While not a new band at all, Hellgoat just now seems to be getting some long overdue exposure. After releasing an incredibly lo-fi split with their brothers in the now defunct Legions of Astaroth they went on to release two more full-lengths, the first one, “Blasphemy from Serpent Tongues” in 2005 and “Death Conquers All” in 2011. I’ve seen Hellgoat live a few times at this point and have been a fervent supporter for quite some time. Not long ago the band hit the road to support an EP, “Anointed in Blood and Ash” which featured two tracks that were recorded during one of their intense and punishing live rites.

Photo courtesy of T. Terrorist Photography

Next month will herald the release of the two-track 7”, “End of Man” on Boris Records. Both of these songs have been showcased in a live setting and each made an appearance on 2005’s “Blasphemy From Serpent Tongues.” This time around I think the songs actually reflect the intensity of the live performance a bit more. That ripping, unmerciful and excessively feverish sound that they put out is simply impossible for most bands active within the underground to match right now.

The title track sits on Side B. Of the two tracks I think this is my favorite. It opens with another intro carefully constructed by main man Amon Demogorgon. The intro paints the scene of what’s left after the chaos of the first track, which suffice to say isn’t much but a man making peace with himself via a final prayer over the sound of a nuclear explosion. The guitars on this one are harsh as fuck. A total ripper from start to finish. While the song lasts just shy of four minutes it’s still worth playing several times over.Demonic Worship of the Horned Beast opens with a strong ambient piece. The clear theme of this track seems to be of a futile struggle of good against evil. The intro clearly depicts what seems to be nothing short of an all out war with humanity clearly being on the losing end. Machine guns, tanks, a flame thrower and emergency sirens all paint an audial picture of helpless but wonderful annihilation. After about a minute and a half the riffs open the song. The music itself is more chaotic than some of the earlier releases. The drums sound like earthquakes

Photo courtesy of T. Terrorist Photography

and I think Hellgoat has really zeroed in on their sound and production with this release. Being an active and dedicated band on the road has certainly paid off for them.

Hellgoat has certainly upped the ante this time around. With each successive release they’ve made a habit of crushing any opposition and destroy any boundaries that would hinder them. This new 7″ is no exception to the rule.

On this unholy night…we will see the END OF MAN!


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