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2014 : Psychic Violenceakatharsia
Format : Cassette

Psychic Violence is a small DIY label out of Oakland, CA ran by Kyle Morgan of Ash Borer, Predatory Light and probably about 15 other bands I don’t know about including Akatharsia (but the latter being a guess). I usually don’t bother reviewing PV releases because the runs are so limited and they sell out so fast, it seems kind of pointless, “hey, here’s a great new release you can’t find”. On the upside, Kyle’s usually pretty good about reissues, sometimes i even in an upgraded format. 

Since this self-titled demo is fairly new, and since I dig it so much, I thought I’d throw it out there for you kids to take a crack at. I hate the term “Raw Black Metal” because it usually just means it sounds like it was recorded on a Playskool cassette player in a shed lined with aluminum foil, and it definitely has a lo-fi quality to it, but in this case “raw” equates to just pure, unadulterated aggression. While definitely Black Metal, there’s a wide vein of vicious Punk Rock running throughout. And when I say vicious, I mean late 70’s – early 80’s era British fuck or fight stuff.

The band seems equally at home with mid-paced Black ‘n ‘ Roll numbers like the opener “Hive Mind”, the blistering, full-speed ahead Punk of “Golden Seed” or the more traditional frozen North inspired tracks like “Excreta”. And those are just the first three songs on the tape. No one is trying to reinvent the wheel here, just delivering great Black Metal the way I like to hear it….and forget I’m sitting in a cubicle all day. So for that, thanks guys.

Originally released in a promo edition of 60, this pro-tape version is limited to 200 copies. It’s good, it’s cheap and as of this writing, it shouldn’t be that tough to find, either direct from the label, or one of the many distros that seem to keep the Psychic Violence stuff in stock. Analog Worship is one of my personal favorites. There’s also the digital version if you are false. Happy hunting…


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