Alucarda : Raw Howls

cover2015 : Caligari Records
Format : Cassette

Caligari Records thus far has been a “tape only”¬†label consistently releasing some of the most diverse and killer stuff going. Seriously, everything they put to tape sells out in no time. Besides getting old, fat and lazy, that’s why I never review any of it. Reviewing a sold out release is like that asshole neighborhood kid who’s mom always gave him money for the ice cream man while your’s was shopping at garage sales for your next pair of high-water bell bottom jeans for you to get beat up over.

Denmark’s Alucarda, besides naming themselves after one of my favorite 70’s horror films of all time, bring to the table some super-fuzzed out, filthy DOOM. While comparisons to Electric Wizard are inevitable, we’re talking pre-Dopethrone before EW got as boring as the last Black Sabbath record you tried to convince yourself was good. Far from being emulators, Alucarda pack a big round set of Raw Power Stooges balls.

I hate the term retro, but Alucarda obviously has their feet firmly planted in the seventies, but fast and heavy enough to be completely relevant. This shit is total Iron Horse, slutty mama in Daisy Dukes at your back biker metal. Listen “Play It Loud” is a tired old cliche. I know, if you’re reading this, chances are I’m old enough to be your dad and I’ve seen it over & over, but if there’s been a tape in the last five years that you need to make the neighbors call the cops on you about…it’s this one. Don’t believe me, fine. I am that asshole who will tell you “I told you so” when they’re gone.

Two sides / 7 songs / 150 pro tapes and I have one, so I know for a fact it’s down to at least 149. $6 is less than a six pack of Lone Star.

No excuses.

Caligari Records

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