Camp 18 : Camp 18

cover2015 : Bent Knife Tapes
Format : Cassette

The Keddie Murders took place sometime during the night of April 11/12,1981 in the Sierra Nevada’s. Brutally murdered were Glenna Sue Sharp, her two children Tina (age 12), Johnny (age 15), and Johnny’s friend, Dana Wingate (age 17). The case was never solved and Tina’s body was never recovered. Three years later, Tina’s skull would be discovered in Camp Eighteen, CA.

If that’s not enough to creep the fuck right out of you, this C20 tape dedicated to the murders sure as shooting will. Lots of low-end Wall-ish crackles, white noise, feedback, droning ambient passages and tons of filtered, manipulated recordings surrounding the case. The detective that worked the case, the surviving daughter, the neighbor who actually made the call to police and a psychic who was involved (the site of the murders is supposedly haunted), all just adds to the unease. I’ve heard plenty of Power Electronics and Noise releases that revolve around crimes, but this one shifted my heebee-jeebees into overdrive.

Staying with the theme, this disturbing little gem is limited to just 18 copies. Normally I wouldn’t bother writing anything about such a limited release, but something about this one rubbed my wrong way the right way.

No Bandcamp.
No Youtube.
No Facebook.
No contact information other than an email address.

And as far as I know, there’s only one distributer at his time.

Get them before they’re gone for a measly $5 at GreySun Records.

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