ZOM : Flesh Assimilation

zom2014 : Invictus Productions / Dark Descent
Format : CD

I was first introduced to ZOM shortly after the first demo was reissued on wax a year or two ago by Invictus Productions. After that I picked up the two track 7” and awaited the inevitable arrival of the debut full length which ultimately made its presence known under the name, “Flesh Assimilation.” To give perspective to the uninitiated, ZOM could easily be compartmentalized within the black/death sub genre. By now it’s admittedly starting to wear out its welcome. There are exceptions however and I think that “Flesh Assimilation” is one of them. On the surface it’s hard to distinguish ZOM’s new album from the rest of the cumulative pile of blackened death metal but as with many other albums I’ve enjoyed there’s a bit of trickery lurking beneath the surface. For one, the riffs certainly bear a remarkable resemblance to some of Blasphemophagher’s later material and believe it or not it’s the more technical and at times even psychedelic aspects that the guitars bring to the table that hoist this record up a bit higher than some of the other recent releases in the genre.

Of course “Flesh Assimilation” carries it’s fair share of faults. Despite it being a bit more impressive than other recent releases within the already overcrowded genre it still has a hard time breaking free of the plethora of clichés. In particular the vocals. If you’re a fan of what Black Witchery and the various black/death outfits have been doing for years then you’ll be fine. In the particular case of ZOM I found the album to be the best of the band’s current releases. Fans of the demo will likely feel the same. The now legendary Zbignew Bielak’s lends his phenomenal artistic ability to the album’s cover as well. Instead of the traditional 12”x12” album cover he’s opted for a more vertical piece in order to convey the insanity of the record’s sound. ZOM’s logo serves as the center piece while a multitude of distorted and predatory forms coalesce around it.

“Flesh Assimilation” is pretty much what I’d expected it to be. While its production values are certainly better than the demo and the 7” the sound remains almost entirely unchanged.

ZOM’s “Flesh Assimilation is available here:

Dark Descent Bandcamp
Invictus Productions

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