GosT : Behemoth

gost-behemoth2015 : Blood Music
Format : LP

There seems to be something captivating small segments of the metal underground right now, something that’s actually not metal music at all. That something is what’s slowly come to be known as “Retro Futurism,” an electronic throwback to the likes of 80s horror and sci-fi movie soundtracks (John Carpenter etc). GosT is currently at the forefront of this movement alongside artists like Perturbator, Dan Terminus, VHS Glitch, and Power Glove in pioneering the sound.

I must say that GosT does seem a bit different than Perturbator and company. This is most easily attributed to the more oppressive sound that lurks beneath the mix on the debut, Behemoth. The distortion is absolutely crushing, I’m not normally a fan of electronics but what’s showcased by GosT definitely grabbed my attention, if not just for the simple fact that I’m a massive 80s Sci-fi and Slasher nerd. Every aspect of Behemoth does such an incredible job of putting the listener in a time machine and giving them an opportunity to stalk around 80s nightclubs and soak up the nightlife. What’s happening here is really something intriguing. While it’s certainly not for everybody I think that given that the LP sold out in less than twenty minutes is clear evidence that people with all kinds of interests seem to gravitate towards this. People love nostalgia, and Behemoth offers a full forty minutes of it. Tracks like “Bathory Bitch” and “Master” boast sounds reminiscent of old school chase scenes accompanied by nearly horrific levels of electronic distortion, certainly enough to wreck your ear drums at high volumes.

This certainly isn’t a the kind of album I’d normally review, but I suppose the imagery is what’s drawing myself as well as a handful of others to it. From there it’s simply a matter of taste. My only real gripe with the album is that it’s something that I think is enjoyable in short bursts. It’s like drinking a tall energy drink in that it comes with a near euphoric boost of energy but in high doses comes off as a bit much. This is definitely an album that’s getting thrown into a fairly regular rotation, but I can’t see myself playing it all day every day. Regardless, I’m thrilled to have been quick enough to grab one of the LPs before they were gone.

For those that missed out on preordering a copy, Behemoth is available on Blood Music’s BandCamp page here.


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