Koufar : Lebanon For Lebanese

koufar2015 : Fusty Cunt
Format : LP

If you’ve followed my shitty little zine at all over the years, besides the recent trickle of reviews on my part, writing pertaining to Power Electronics has become almost nonexistent. Call it a disenchantment with the genre as a whole: an overwhelming amount of lackluster releases, almost nil quality control…and a little bit of boredom played a part. Recently I caught some social media post about Koufar having a new release out, and I knew I had to take a shot.

Koufar is Alexandre Chami, a noise artist of Lebanese descent, his family actually having fled the country years ago. While there are several other projects under his belt, the love of his homeland and the espousing of his Maronite Christian beliefs made Koufar the one that always struck a chord with me since the beginning. As it had been nearly five years since his last full-length, 2010’s “The Purity of Cedars”, I knew quality control would not be an issue and obviously Mr. Chami had something to say.

And I was right.

Chami has spent the past few years honing his craft and constructing something that rises above the mire. Lebanon sheds the multi-layered approach for something much more minimal and direct, eschewing the ear-bleeding feed back for low-end decimation. And when I say decimation, I mean like the Black Sabbath of Power Electronics. The label advises headphones or a quality stereo. I chose the latter, but what they neglect is the louder the better. And when I say louder, I mean “rattle the windows oh shit here come the cops” louder.

These four tracks wash over you like an ocean filled with machetes. Each crash of the incoming tide cuts you to bits and swaddles you in your own blood. This is the kind of release that demanded vinyl, and so proud that was the case. There’s even a couple of guest spots, one on each side. Oakland based Striations lends a hand on Kiss The Hand You Cannot Bite And Implore God To Break It and the UK’s Martin Willford of the amazing Shift contributes to side B’s Flares Over The Bay Of Jounieh.

Ok, so there’s really only so many adjectives you can use to describe a PE release. Some of these things just have to be listened to, to be felt and experienced. Lebanon is one of those. There’s no Bandcamp, no Soundcloud, no Youtube, you’re just going to have to take your Uncle Jeff’s word for it. This is worthy of your money and worthy of your time. It also features some amazing cover art, just right to make your PC friends uncomfortable.

Limited to 200 copies, pick one up here while you can.

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