Genocide Shrines : Manipura Imperial Deathevokovil (Scriptures of Reversed Puraana Dharmurder)

5059522015 : Vault Of Dried Bones
Format : CD

I first heard Genocide Shrines when they released their debut MLP, Devanation Monumentemples through Cyclopean Eye and Iron Bonehead Productions a few years back. Hailing from Sri Lanka, Genocide Shrines offers their debut full length to their militant and rabid supporters across the globe. Though I’ve admittedly grown tired of the endless deluge of bestial black/death styled releases, Genocide Shrines has consistently offered something a bit more, in my opinion. Perhaps it’s due to their unique way of paying tribute to the more bloodthirsty Asiatic traditions.

Militancy has definitely been a consistent theme within the band since day one and Manipura Imperial Deathevokovil is no exception. The sound itself feels a bit more punishing than what’s been offered lately by other bands as well. Genocide Shrines has slowly but forcefully emerged drenched in the blood of other bands that failed to meet the standard within the already oversaturated genre. Though they may follow a similar framework to other classic acts, the band has their hands gripped firmly around the throat of what it means to mix idealism and music. While I cannot proclaim to know the finer details of what’s being espoused, a careful look reveals that Genocide Shrines is walking a similar musical and idealistic pathway to other individuals involved with violent and transgressive left-hand path ideologies.

The first track is one of the three ambient ‘pillar’ tracks; “Deimetrical Satanic Dasayoga,” which begins with what I believe is Arthur Schopenhauer’s piece, on Immortality. It plays a brief audio excerpt from it before immediately transitioning into the first actual song on the LP, “Militant Trishul (Eradication Puja).” The remaining two pillars, the second being in the middle and the final one serving as the close to the album felt a bit less intricate than the first pillar. “Pillar III (Triumphing of the Three Worlds)” features distant voices over a manic drum beat that persists for a constant four minutes. These tracks seriously give you the feeling of sitting inside of a large Sri Lankan temple. It’s definitely an interesting addition for an album as heavy as this one is. While most might be more partial to the musical tracks, I think theses ambient sections are worth a few listens just because they further soak the album in the oriental mysticism that Genocide Shrines has become known for. The musical arrangements on this album are great. One thing that I think has given this band’s material lasting appeal for me is how clear and distinguishable the thundering riffs are without sacrificing the grit and dirt that’s applied to the sound in such copious amounts. Tracks like “Subterranean Katacomb, Termination Temple” and “Aerialdishamanic Bonethrone Omega” are two great examples of this. “Gas.Mask.Gauthama (And Other Raavanic Resurrections)” is also another highlight for me.

The album is a full forty minutes in length, so we’re getting almost double what the previous MLP offered and all nine tracks here showcase the band at their best so far. Though they aren’t exactly reinventing the wheel, Genocide Shrines are surely raising the standard for what the militant black/death genre should aspire to.

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