Green Elder : Offering

a1922718524_162015 : Self-Released
Format : 7″

Tossing a band into the “NeoFolk” basket nowadays is a bit like labeling something “Metal” 25 years ago. They genre has splintered into just as many subs as any other form of music. Adding the Appalachian tag serves only to stir stereotypes of ignorant, toothless Hill Folk, swigging moonshine and plucking a decrepit banjo. With the blood of Appalachia flowing through my own veins, I’ll be first in line to dispel that myth and laud any form of good music emerging from that region.

To me, the past few years has seen American NeoFolk really blossom into it’s own. While there’s still plenty of Death In June facsimiles decked out in paramilitary gear, these projects have been more about planting than politics, less bonfire and more campfire. While we may not have the range of antiquity as our European brothers and sisters, there’s a vibrant and varied history within our own blood and soil.

Side A begins with “Mountain Storms”. Simple and graceful, the track slowly envelopes you like mountain mist. The vocals and the instruments all shimmer with a muted beauty: soothing guitar lines, flute and accordion. It’s the smell of green. On the B side, “Cairn of Starlight” while more intricate, continues with the same effortless allure. More complex guitar work gives way to a bit a flute and descends into lullaby.

Fans of the Cascadian Folk of Novemthree or the Galician stylings of Sangre de Muerdago take note, this mill be right up your alley as it was mine. In a variety of different flavors, it’s a mere $7 right from the man himself via Bandcamp.

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