Vorum : Current Mouth

vorum2015 : Sepulchral Voice Records
Format : CD

A few years ago I was introduced to the archaic and decaying sounds of Sweden’s Vorum by one of the members of the USA’s young but no doubt legendary Death Metal duo, Vasaeleth. After the referral I immediately picked up the Grim Death Awaits MCD. It was a rather obscure release but a split with the aforementioned band (Vasaeleth) eventually materialized in the form of a 7”, Profane Limbs of Ruinous Death. The body count began to rise and Vorum’s sound began to expand to be even more vicious on their debut full length, Poisoned Void in 2010.

Once again the cult of Vorum rises from the tomb. After what seemed like an eternity the band has turned loose their fourth canonical release, Current Mouth. At a mere eighteen minutes in length, Vorum opts for a fast acting lethal toxin to serve as their message. To be quite honest even I was taken aback by sheer intensity of the release. There’s no doubt that after forty years or so Death Metal is struggling to captivate some listeners the way it used to. The real charm with Current Mouth is its ability to stay the course without overstaying its welcome. I think on its own, it can be touted as one of the strongest ‘old school’ sounding Death Metal releases in a very long time. The wailing solos and liberal abuse of guitar effects is something I miss in a lot of these more progressive acts.


The opening track, “Angels Death” is a favorite for sure. Though it’s hard to isolate just one out of the five as a favorite I think the way it opens with such a deafening howl sets the perfect tone for the remainder of Current Mouth’s unadulterated assault on the senses. “In Grime In Lust” showcases a seemingly heavier barrage of drums, which are mixed perfectly with a fairly static riff that compliments the forefathers of Swedish Death Metal well. The title track is also a monstrosity to behold. There’s a ripping piece of guitar work dead center of the song that gallops alongside Jonatan’s vocals, making for a rather lethal combination.

It’s the delivery of Current Mouth that gives it lasting appeal. The sincerity in approach and the band’s desire to continue what was started several decades ago regardless of how people see it now or in the future. Vorum represents to me everything that Death Metal should, uncompromising, unrepentant and savage. The elements and influences of Death are present within the art, a concept that as I’ve said many times before, seems to be lost on a lot of fans as well as artists nowadays. Ironically enough Vorum has breathed life into a sound that seems like it’s slowly being buried and forgotten.


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