True Black Dawn : Come the Colorless Dawn

2016 : World Terror Committee
Format : CD

It’s hard to believe it, but Black Dawn has risen from their slumber once again. Since we’d last heard from the band, many newcomers to the genre have come and because of the band’s lack of activity, many of those newer fans and supporters did not have the opportunity to experience Black Dawn’s unsettling and incredibly harsh sounding Blood for Satan a full fifteen years ago. I’ll never forget my introduction to the band had come by way of an internet radio show a few years after its release that was hosted by some of my brothers in the band Teratism. It was an amazing album. Perhaps not revolutionary, but it was a mainstay in my collection for years.

So here we stand on the advent of the band’s dreaded return. The grave has been opened and the ghoulish ensemble once more issues its decree, this time under the name Come the Colorless Dawn. Released by one of the few remaining great labels, World Terror Committee, this album’s announcement came as an incredible surprise to me. It still has that trademark Black Dawn sound. Those guitars that dig at you and drums that endlessly stalk throughout the songs. The combined musical effort results in a sound that reminds me of the scene that they’d all but disappeared from some years ago. This isn’t really a new sound for the band, which means they’ve effectively resurrected the post-90’s era Black Metal sound (early Urgehal, Beastcraft etc) but don’t seem to have conformed to any of the trends that have come after their initial departure. While the revival of an older band is usually a sign of trouble, Black Dawn’s is as welcome to me as Archgoat’s was back in 2004 (and Whore of Bethlehem is still regarded as one of the best comeback releases within the underground).

There’s nothing overly complicated here, but Black Dawn has never been about technical mastery as much as they have flying the banner for a cold, jagged atmosphere reminiscent of Black Metal circa 1994. It’s great to see that they’ve made such a spirited return, and an unannounced one at that.


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