Yorishiro : I

2016 : Constellation Tatsu
Format : Cassette

Ok, so as I’ve written over and over and over again, I’m a complete music addict. I buy a lot, like “served with divorce papers” amounts. I ordered this one immediately after hearing a track on the always delightful Tabs Out Podcast. I assumed it would be good, but still what I like to call 80% of the shit I buy: “oners”, a solid listen and then filed away to more than likely never to be heard from again….until I get the urge to list on Discogs or pass it along to a friend. Nope. This one stopped me dead in my tracks. I’ve listened to it a dozens of times since receiving it a couple of weeks back, and it’s already earned a place in my “Best of 2016” list.

Information about this project is basically nonexistent, a feat unto itself in todays world. All I know comes from the credits:

Loops recorded in Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Spain. Tracks recorded and mixed in Bilbao, Donostia and Madrid.

Then he goes on to mention the mastering, thank you’s, etc etc. Intriguing, but in an age where almost all knowledge is a few clicks away, it was just a little weird. And it doesn’t matter. Not in the least. Two minutes in and I’m complete mesmerized. Yorishiro is the perfect melding of organic and electronic textures. Not since the burgeoning days of Krautrock have the two been stitched so flawlessly together. Every time I listen to this tape, I have to remind myself it’s not some obscure one-off from the likes of Harmonia, Popol Vuh or Amon Düül.

Spaced-out synths, hypnotic drum machines, lofty guitar riffs, field recordings and the occasional “just above a whisper” vocals, this is near perfection. Released as, I’m assuming, a C20, with three tracks on the A side and 2 longish numbers on the B. Beautiful artwork on the j-card and on the featured image above, I’m guessing one of the places mentioned above. It fits the tone of the tape perfectly. If there’s a limit to the release, it’s not mentioned anywhere I could find.

And hey, since it’s not the 70s, but the 21st century and absolutely no risk involved, check out the tracks I posted below. Just do me a favor, listen to them all…from start to finish. Hopefully you will be as taken as I am and will throw a few bucks at an unknown. It’s absolutely worth it.

Constellation Tatsu Bandcamp

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