First Order : Near Death

2016 : Phosgen Records
Format : CD

Surprised and thoroughly impressed by what has landed in my hands here. First Order is a little known, at least to myself, project from Germany with only a small handful of CDR releases under it’s belt. “Near Death” is actually a reissue of a very limited CDR release from 2011. Given the caliber of the work here, it makes sense why Phosgen saw it necessary to put this on a more professional format in a larger edition.

If the stark cover art reminded you of that of the early releases of Genocide Organ, Dagda Mor and so on, the music largely treads a familiar ground too. All nine tracks fit the Industrial Noise frame but sans the vocals and sampling of the aforementioned artists, who I’ll assume played a conscious role in inspiring the mind at work here. Searing blasts of white static constantly revolve and churn on top of each other while the conventional low end crunch frequently rears it’s recognizable head, occasionally intercepted by squealing feedback passages. While the simplicity could be a turn off for a minor amount of people, there’s enough dynamic and shift in the composition to keep things fresh and interesting.

Simultaneously difficult and unnecessary to divulge much further and analyse such a release, I can confidently state that my constant thirst for audial violence was very satisfied with this release.

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